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標題: 銀行往來關係與授信條件及企業對銀行利潤貢獻之關聯性分析
An Analysis on Banking Relationship,Loan Terms and Firm's Profit Contribution to the Bank
作者: 張家銘
Chang, Chia-Ming
關鍵字: corporate-bank relationships
loan terms
bank profits
出版社: 高階經理人碩士在職專班
摘要: 本研究樣本係取自某全國性且上市商業銀行企業金融中部區域中心之企業授信戶,共計456個樣本,用以探討銀行往來關係對授信條件及企業對銀行利潤貢獻的關聯性,其中授信條件是企業與銀行彼此間授信的承諾包括授信額度、利率、授信期間、擔保比例及保證人人數;而企業對銀行利潤貢獻是企業履行承諾後衍生的結果,包括會計利潤及經濟利潤。透過多元迴歸模型(multiple regression model)進行實證分析,主要實證結果如下: 在授信條件方面,企業與銀行往來年數愈長,利率愈高,擔保比例相對較低;銀行往來家數愈多,則授信額度愈高;向銀行購買商品愈多,亦可取得較高授信額度;企業愈為銀行利率議價型客戶,則授信額度愈高,利率愈低,擔保比例愈低,保證人人數愈少;企業對單一銀行借款比重愈高,亦可取得愈高授信額度;企業將銀行視為主力銀行,則可取得較高授信額度及較低利率;企業對銀行授信額度動用率愈高,則利率愈高,授信期間愈長,銀行會要求較多擔保品。 在企業對銀行利潤貢獻方面,企業與銀行往來年數愈久,對銀行利潤貢獻無顯著影響;銀行往來家數愈多,對銀行會計利潤貢獻愈多;企業向銀行購買商品愈多,對銀行會計利潤及經濟利潤貢獻愈佳;企業若為銀行利率議價型客戶,則對利潤貢獻不顯著;對單一銀行借款比重愈高,銀行會計利潤愈高,惟經濟利潤不顯著。銀行若為企業主力銀行,企業對銀行會計及經濟利潤貢獻均佳;最後,企業授信額度動用率愈高,對會計利潤及經濟利潤貢獻愈高。
This research is a study about the relationships between corporate financing and bank lending, which focuses on investigating how corporate-bank relationships affect the loan terms and bank profits. Our selected samples were drawn from a regional corporate financing center of a national public issuing commercial bank in Taiwan. There were 456 firm samples in this research and the time period was 2004. We made use of multiple regression models to go through the empirical analysis of our research. The dependent variables of loan terms include loan size, lending rate, loan duration, collateral ratio and guarantees. The dependent variables of bank profits include accounting profits and economic profits. And the independent variables of corporate-bank relationships consist of dealing years, the bank dealing quantities, dealing commodities, interest rate negotiation, sampling banks lending scale, core banks and loan outstanding. From the results, we find out the following effects on the loan terms. (1)Longer dealing years will cause high lending rates and low collateral ratio. (2)When the bank dealing quantities are more, loan sizes will get larger. (3)When dealing commodities are more, loan sizes will also get larger. (4)If a corporate can negotiate its lending rate, it can obtain larger loan sizes, lower lending rate and collateral ratios, and fewer guarantees. (5)If the firms borrow from a single bank more, they would get larger loan sizes. (6)If the firm perceives the bank as its core bank, it also would get larger loan sizes and lower lending rates. (7)If the loan outstanding of a firm is more, the lending rate will be higher, the loan duration will be longer, and the collateral ratio will be higher, too. Furthermore, the effects on the bank profits from our study indicate are showed that: (1) There are no significant effects between dealing years and bank profits, (2) When the bank dealing quantities are more, the bank accounting profits will be better, (3) Dealing commodities be more, the bank profits will also be better, (4) There are no significant effects between interest rate negotiation and bank profits, (5) If a firm finances from a single bank more, the bank's accounting profits will have a positive feedback, but not include economic profits, (6) If a firm perceives his financing bank as a core bank, the bank profits turn out to be better, (7) More loan outstanding of a firm also leads to better bank profits.
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