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標題: 植基於固定圓微陣列影像基因表現點自動切割法
Fixed-Circle Based Automatic Gene Spots Segmentation of Microarray Images
作者: 李青武
Li, Ching-Wu
關鍵字: 微陣列影像
Microarray image
Projection profile
Median filter
Fixed-circle segmentation
出版社: 資訊管理學系所
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摘要: 微陣列(Microarray)在基因研究上是一項強而有力的研究工具。微陣列影像處理之主要目的在於建構一個精確且自動化的系統,不需要人類的介入操作即能可靠地探索基因表現點(spot)。在本論文研究中提出一項基於投影圖、形態學及幾何學技術以處理定格和固定圓切割(Fixed-circle segmentation)的方法。即使是不同解析度、不同尺寸大小的微陣列,此方法亦能有效地計算出理論表現點的固定半徑值。本論文所提出的方法適用於處理各式微陣列影像中有各種形狀大小不同的基因表現點,實驗結果顯示二值化投影圖法在處理定格和固定圓切割上較灰階投影圖法更為精確。
Microarray is a powerful tool for genetic research. The major goal of microarray image processing is to construct a precise and automatic system to find the spots reliably without the need of any human intervention. In this paper, a simple and fully automatic approach, based on projection profile, morphology and geometry techniques, has been proposed for gridding and Fixed-circle segmentation. The proposed approach is effective to calculate the fixed diameter of theoretical spot, even though the sizes of different resolution microarrays are different. The experimental results show that the proposed approach is applicable to all kinds of different microarray images with various spot sizes and features. The experimental results also have illustrated the approach based on binary projection profile is more accurate than the approach based on grayscale projection profile in gridding and Fixed-circle segmentation.
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