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dc.description.abstract高品質的氧化物單晶可以使用於固態雷射,電子基板,和其他光學元件。釔鋁石榴石(YAG)單晶是最廣泛使用的氧化物單晶。而詳細了解氧化物單晶晶體生長系統的熱量、質量和動量耦合傳輸是改善現有的晶體生長過程的一個先決條件,以及修改制訂新的生長過程所必須。然而,大多數的分析處理均屬於半導體晶體生長系統,而該系統和氧化物晶體生長系統有很大的不同。本研究包括兩大部分:一個是“在垂直布利基曼爐中重力效應對氧化物晶體YAG生長過程的過冷影響”,而另一部份是“在垂直布利基曼爐的氧化物晶體生長過程中置入內部加熱器的影響” 考慮重力與熱動力學過冷對於熔體/晶體界面在垂直布利基曼爐晶體生長系統影響的模擬。以二維暫態計算模擬熱傳輸、熱對流及熱動力學在晶體生長過程中界面過冷現象的產生。在垂直布利基曼爐晶體生長界面中心線的位置在時間演化過程的追踪,並討論在不同的重力加速下,由於過冷現象在熔體/晶體界面上所產生奇異面的位置、變化和奇異面附近的熔體流動現象。 數值模擬釔鋁石榴石(YAG)單晶在垂直布利基曼爐生長過程中有無裝置內部加熱器的影響。在不同的爐壁溫度梯度與不同距離下可以降低爐內熔體在熔體/晶體界面附近的最大流動速度及改變熔體/晶體界面的撓曲度,而較小的最大流動速度即代表可以降低或抑制流體自然對流的現象,因此在相同的環境條件下可以允許有較高的長晶速率。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractHigh quality oxide single crystals are needed for use as solid-state laser hosts, electronic substrates, and in other optical devices. Yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) single crystals is the most widely used oxide laser host. Understanding the coupling of heat, mass and momentum transport in these systems is a prerequisite for improving existing crystal growth processes and formulating new ones. However, most analyses have dealt with semiconductor growth systems, which are very different from oxide growth systems. This study includes two parts: one is gravity effects on crystal growth and undercooling, and the other is effects of submerged heater in vertical Bridgman crystal growth. The effects of gravity and kinetic undercooling upon the melt/crystal interface in a vertical Bridgman-Stockbarger crystal growth system is studied by numerical simulation. Thermal transport, melt convection and kinetic undercooling are simulated by two-dimensional transient calculations. Time evolution of the centerline interface location difference is tracked. We also compare and discuss the results among the different gravitational acceleration, and investigate the effects of the undercooling on the interface. The numerical simulation is examine the growth conditions of YAG single crystals by the vertical Bridgman method, and illustrate the process performed with or without the installation of a submerged heater (SH). The maximum flow velocity of the melted material surrounding the melt/crystal interface can be decreased, and the deflection of the melt/crystal interface can be changed under various furnace temperature gradients and distances. The minimum of the maximized flow velocity indicates the natural convection can be decreased and controlled. In this manner, the growth rate of crystals increases in an identical environment.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsAbstract ………………………… I Table of Contents ……………. V List of Tables ………………… VII List of Figures ……………… VIII Nomenclature …………………… XI Chapter 1 Introduction ………………… 1 1.1 Bridgman Furnace and Crystal ..1 1.2 Motivation of the Research ....3 1.3 Literature Review .............4 Chapter 2 Mathematical Method .......10 2.1 Mathematical Model for Facet in Crystal Growth ...............10 2.2 Mathematical Model for Submerged Heater in Vertical Bridgman ..14 Chapter 3 Numerical Methods .........21 3.1 Facet Formation ..............21 3.2 Methods for Undercooling .....22 3.3 Methods for Submerged Heater .23 Chapter 4 Results and Discussion ....28 4.1 Gravity Effects on Facet in Crystal Growth ...............28 4.2 Effects of Submerged Heater in the Vertical Bridgman Crystal Growth ...................... 30 Chapter 5 Conclusions ..............46 References .........................48zh_TW
dc.subjectGravity effecten_US
dc.subjectSubmerged heateren_US
dc.subjectNumerical simulationen_US
dc.titleResearch on the Crystallization Growth Process of Yttrium Aluminum Garnet in Bridgman Furnaceen_US
dc.typeThesis and Dissertationzh_TW
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