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標題: 平衡計分卡與策略管理之研究-以某健身器材領導廠商為例
Research on the Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Management A case study of fitness leading company
作者: 魏文琦
Wei, Wen-Chi
出版社: 高階經理人碩士在職專班
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摘要: 平衡計分卡應用,主要在協助組織(1).績效評量. 及(2).有效管理與執行策略。本論文研究目的主要觀察個案公司多國籍關聯企業下,其價值鍊活動經由全球策略事業單位(Strategic Business Units)國際分工,如何應用平衡計分卡管理策略的執行。然而個案公司集團策略管理與規劃、平衡計分卡架構與設計與董事會、集團總公司、集團總部功能別主管(產品長、技術、製造、採購、營運及財務功能長)與各海外行銷公司business units及臺灣與中國兩岸三地製造事業單位有關策略、 目標、績效評量指標、執行方案與績效報酬系統之連結為策略執行及績效評量之根本與基礎。 本研究採個案研究法,以國內某健身器材多國籍集團企業為研究對象,從釐清個案公司企業願景、使命與文化開始,從個案公司相關策略規劃相關策略工具應用,進而形成關鍵策略議題與核心能力,藉由平衡計分卡架構目標設定與評量、有效發展策略方案與績效評量,同時觀察個案公司 主要business segments有關集團總部、直線事業單位與後勤功能別組織間策略、目標、績效指標之執行方案等連結系統及因果關係。希望藉由研究結果,結論與建議可作為個案公司平衡計分卡在策略管理與績效管理平台之改善參考。
The Balanced Scorecard aids organizations on overcoming two issues: Effective performance measurement and implementation strategy. The purpose of this paper is to show how to apply the Balanced Scorecard Model to managing strategy execution for multinational firm across border boundary. However, Organizational strategic management, the Scorecard's framework and design, associated with organizational alignment which align corporate, business units, support units, external partners and boards with strategy are more fundamentally concerned with communication and articulation of strategy at operation levels. This role for the Balanced Scorecard, specifically the use of the scorecard to communicate, manage and execute strategy as well as measure business performance from top level executives of management team down to front-lines employees as strategic focus organization. The research shows how to examine the sufficient condition for the success of strategic management framework regarding strategy execution and management by using Balanced Scorecard and alignment process among Headquarter, support units, function heads and business units and strategic themes.
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