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1Dec-2011Influence of chemical compositions and molecular weights of humic acids on Cr(VI) photo-reductionS.Y.Chen; S.W.Huang; P.N.Chiang; J.C.Liu; W.H.Kuan; J.H.Huang; J.T.Hung; Y.M.Tzou; C.C.Chen; M.K.Wang; National Chung Hsing University,Department of Soil and Environmental Sciences; 國立中興大學土壤環境科學系; Miao-zhen Luo-
2Aug-2011A water isotope approach to assessing moisture recycling in the island-based precipitation of Taiwan: A case study in the western PacificPeng, Tsung-Ren; Liu, Kon-Kee; Wang, Chung-Ho; Chuang, Kai-Hsun; National Chung Hsing University,Department of Soil and Environmental Sciences; 國立中興大學土壤環境科學系; Miao-zhen Luo-
32011Removal of 2-chlorophenol from water using rice-straw derived ashChang, R.R.; 王尚禮; Wang, S.L.; Tzou, Y.M.; Chen, Y.M.; Wang, M.K.; 鄒裕民-
42007Photocatalyfic reduction of Cr(VI) in the presence of NO3- and Cl- electrolytes as influenced by Fe(III)Hsu, C.L.; 王尚禮; Wang, S.L.; Tzou, Y.M.; 鄒裕民-
52009Chromate reduction by zero-valent Al metal as catalyzed by polyoxometalateLin, C.J.; 王尚禮; Wang, S.L.; Huang, P.M.; Tzou, Y.M.; Liu, J.C.; Chen, C.C.; Chen, J.H.; Lin, C.; 鄒裕民; 陳仁炫-
62001Transport modeling of copper and cadmium with linear and nonlinear retardation factorsChang, C.M.; 張家銘; Wang, M.K.; Chang, T.W.; Lin, C.; Chen, Y.R.-
72005Distinctive sorption mechanisms of soil organic matter and mineral components as elucidated by organic vapor uptake kineticsShih, Y.H.; 施養信; Wu, S.C.-
82005Effect of citric acid on aluminum hydrolytic speciationKuan, W.H.; 王尚禮; Wang, M.K.; Huang, P.M.; Wu, C.W.; Chang, C.M.; Wang, S.L.; 張家銘-
92009Photo-enhancement of Cr(VI) reduction by fungal biomass of Neurospora crassaLin, Y.C.; 王尚禮; Wang, S.L.; Shen, W.C.; Huang, P.M.; Chiang, P.N.; Liu, J.C.; Chen, C.C.; Tzou, Y.M.; 鄒裕民-
102011Differential expression and regulation of iron-regulated metal transporters in Arabidopsis halleri and Arabidopsis thaliana - the role in zinc toleranceShanmugam, V.; 王尚禮; Lo, J.C.; Wu, C.L.; Wang, S.L.; Lai, C.C.; Connolly, E.L.; Huang, J.L.; Yeh, K.C.-
112007Deintercalation of Li/Al LDH and its application to recover adsorbed chromate from used adsorbentTzou, Y.M.; 王尚禮; Wang, S.L.; Hsu, L.C.; Chang, R.R.; Lin, C.F.; 鄒裕民-
122010Enhanced chlorophenol sorption of soils by rice-straw-ash amendmentLiu, J.C.; 王尚禮; Tzou, Y.M.; Lu, Y.H.; Wu, J.T.; Cheng, M.P.; Wang, S.L.; 鄒裕民-
132008A simple spectral index using reflectance of 735 nm to assess nitrogen status of rice canopyLee, Y.J.; 申 雍; Yang, C.M.; Chang, K.W.; Shen, Y.-
142006Effect of transpiration on Pb uptake by lettuce and on water soluble low molecular weight organic acids in rhizosphereLiao, Y.C.; 申 雍; Chien, S.W.C.; Wang, M.C.; Shen, Y.; Hung, P.L.; Das, B.-
152009A mechanism study of light-induced Cr(VI) reduction in an acidic solutionWang, S.L.; 王尚禮; Chen, C.C.; Tzou, Y.M.; Hsu, C.L.; Chen, J.H.; Lin, C.F.; 鄒裕民; 陳仁炫-
162004Predicting algal bloom in the Techi reservoir using Landsat TM dataChang, K.W.; 申 雍; Shen, Y.; Chen, P.C.-
172009Evaluating Activated Carbon-Water Sorption Coefficients of Organic Compounds Using a Linear Solvation Energy Relationship Approach and Sorbate Chemical ActivitiesShih, Y.H.; 施養信; Gschwend, P.M.-
182008Effective removal of AB24 dye by nano/micro-size zero-valent ironLin, Y.T.; 林耀東; Weng, C.H.; Chen, F.Y.-
192010Cr(VI) Removal on Fungal Biomass of Neurospora crassa: the Importance of Dissolved Organic Carbons Derived from the Biomass to Cr(VI) ReductionHsu, L.C.; 王尚禮; Wang, S.L.; Lin, Y.C.; Wang, M.K.; Chiang, P.N.; Liu, J.C.; Kuan, W.H.; Chen, C.C.; Tzou, Y.M.; 鄒裕民-
202003Effect of temperatures on formation and transformation of hydrolytic aluminum in aqueous solutionsWang, S.L.; 王尚禮; Wang, M.K.; Tzou, Y.M.; 鄒裕民-
212005Fluorescent light induced Cr(VI) reduction by citrate in the presence of TiO2 and ferric ionsTzou, Y.M.; 王尚禮; Wang, S.L.; Wang, M.K.; 鄒裕民-
222010Large-area rice yield forecasting using satellite imageriesWang, Y.P.; 申 雍; Chang, K.W.; Chen, R.K.; Lo, J.C.; Shen, Y.-
232007The adsorption and catalytic transformations of chromium on Mn substituted goethiteWu, W.C.; 王尚禮; Wang, S.L.; Tzou, Y.M.; Chen, J.H.; Wang, M.K.; 鄒裕民; 陳仁炫-
242008Removal of 2,4,6-trichlorophenol from a solution by humic acids repeatedly extracted from a peat soilTzou, Y.M.; 王尚禮; Wang, S.L.; Liu, J.C.; Huang, Y.Y.; Chen, J.H.; 鄒裕民; 陳仁炫-
252006Adsorption and thermal desorption of Cr(VI) on Li/Al layered double hydroxideWang, S.L.; 王尚禮; Hseu, R.J.; Chang, R.R.; Chiang, P.N.; Chen, J.H.; Tzou, Y.M.; 鄒裕民; 陳仁炫-
262007Enhancement of electrokinetic remediation of hyper-Cr(VI) contaminated clay by zero-valent ironWeng, C.H.; 林耀東; Lin, Y.T.; Lin, T.Y.; Kao, C.M.-
272007The removal and recovery of Cr(VI) by Li/Al layered double hydroxide (LDH)Hsu, L.C.; 王尚禮; Wang, S.L.; Tzou, Y.M.; Lin, C.F.; Chen, J.H.; 鄒裕民; 陳仁炫-
282009Removal of hexavalent chromium from acidic aqueous solutions using rice straw-derived carbonHsu, N.H.; 王尚禮; Wang, S.L.; Liao, Y.H.; Huang, S.T.; Tzou, Y.M.; Huang, Y.M.; 鄒裕民-
292008Sorption kinetics and thermodynamics of trichloroethylene in humic acidShih, Y.H.; 施養信-
302004Analytical potential energy function and vibrational spectra of OPSCN: density functional theory calculationsJalbout, A.F.; 張家銘; Chang, C.M.; Solimannejad, M.-
312004Novel predicting methods for the removal of divalent metal ions by magnetite/amorphous iron oxide composite systemsChang, C.M.; 張家銘; Wang, Y.J.; Lin, C.; Wang, M.K.-
322008Reduction of chromium(VI) by pyrite in dilute aqueous solutionsLin, Y.T.; 林耀東; Huang, C.P.-
332007Separation of nano-sized colloidal particles using cross-flow electro-filtrationLin, Y.T.; 林耀東; Sung, M.; Sanders, P.F.; Marinucci, A.; Huang, C.P.-
342006Sorption kinetics of toluene in humic acid: A computational approachShih, Y.H.; 施養信; Wu, S.C.; Lin, J.S.; Lee, L.F.-
352008Adsorption of 2,4-D on Mg/Al-NO(3) layered double hydroxides with varying layer charge densityChao, Y.F.; 王尚禮; Chen, P.C.; Wang, S.L.-
362004Synthesis of Li/Al layered double hydroxide-guest composites under mild acid conditionsYang, D.S.; 王尚禮; Wang, M.K.; Wang, S.L.-
372008Influences of preparative methods of humic acids on the sorption of 2,4,6-trichlorophenolHuang, Y.Y.; 王尚禮; Wang, S.L.; Liu, J.C.; Tzou, Y.M.; Chang, R.R.; Chen, J.H.; 鄒裕民; 陳仁炫-
382005Predicting rice yield using canopy reflectance measured at booting stageChang, K.W.; 申 雍; Shen, Y.; Lo, J.C.-
392009Removal of methylene blue from aqueous solution by adsorption onto pineapple leaf powderWeng, C.H.; 林耀東; Lin, Y.T.; Tzeng, T.W.-
402007Sorption of trichloroethylene in humic acid studied by experimental investigations and molecular dynamics simulationsShih, Y.H.; 施養信-
412004Kinetics of toluene sorption and desorption in Ca- and Cu-montmorillonites investigated with fourier transform infrared spectroscopy under two different levels of humidityShih, Y.H.; 施養信; Wu, S.C.-
422007Enhancing the separation of nano-sized particles in low-salt suspensions by electrically assisted cross-flow filtrationSung, M.H.; 林耀東; Huang, C.P.; Weng, Y.H.; Lin, Y.T.; Li, K.C.-
43Oct-2011Reaction mechanism of hexavalent chromium with celluloseWang, Shan-Li; Lee, Jyh-Fu; 國立中興大學土壤環境科學系; National Chung Hsing University,Department of Soil and Environmental Sciences; Miao-zhen Luo-
44Feb-2011Effects of rice straw ash amendment on Cu solubility and distribution in flooded rice paddy soilsHuang, Jang-Hung; Hsu, Shen-Huei; Wang, Shan-Li; National Chung Hsing University,Department of Soil and Environmental Sciences; 國立中興大學土壤環境科學系; Miao-zhen Luo-
452007Relationship between lead uptake by lettuce and water-soluble low-molecular-weight organic acids in rhizosphere as influenced by transpirationLiao, Y.C.; 申 雍; Chien, S.W.C.; Wang, M.C.; Shen, Y.; Seshaiah, K.-
462009Dechlorination of hexachlorobenzene by using nanoscale Fe and nanoscale Pd/Fe bimetallic particlesShih, Y.H.; 施養信; Chen, Y.C.; Chen, M.Y.; Tai, Y.T.; Tso, C.P.-
472008Adsorption of selected volatile organic vapors on multiwall carbon nanotubesShih, Y.H.; 施養信; Li, M.S.-
482009Communication on the Stability of Crystalline Silver Halide Inside NanostructuresChang, C.M.; 張家銘; Jalbout, A.F.-
492008DFT-Based linear solvation energy relationships for the infrared spectral shifts of acetone in polar and nonpolar organic solventsChang, C.M.; 張家銘-
502003Unified linear predicting models for the essential reactions of metal ions in aquatic and surface systemsChang, C.M.; 張家銘-
Results 1-50 of 247 (Search time: 0.012 seconds).