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標題: 以服務科學的觀點探討雲端客製的製造服務 ─ 以Q, U公司為例
A Study on Cloud Customized Manufacturing Service with An SSME Perspective ─ The Cases of Companies Q and U
作者: 陳炫穎
Chen, Syuan-Ying
關鍵字: 雲端運算
Cloud Computing
Cloud Manufacturing
Service Science
Service Innovation
Manufacturing Service
出版社: 高階經理人碩士在職專班
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摘要: 本研究旨在分析以製造代工見長的台灣PC製造廠商,如何在雲端運算服務時代藉由雲端服務創新來取得新的成長契機。本研究藉由探討相關製造廠商之服務創新的做法,瞭解提供製造服務之廠商如何於雲端運算時代整合資源提供新的服務。在方法上,採用質性資料分析與訪談,探討個案公司掌握雲端運算服務商機的實際做法與成效。 本論文透過國內製造業的標竿企業之個案研究,發現其藉由核心技術進行多角化布局,能擴大產品與雲端運算的連結,有助於廠商提供客製化的雲端服務,並且對績效帶來正面的影響。另外,在提供雲端運算的服務前,廠商須先進行資源的整合,而整合的過程將會對公司的流程、組織及策略有不同程度的影響。本研究認為製造商透過跨領域的資源整合,來提供整體解決方案的雲端運算服務,為客戶創造更高的附加價值,於實質上符合服務科學的精神。 本研究之主要貢獻在於揭示國內資訊產品製造商在發展雲端運算服務所採取之做法,以及其組織及策略上之改變,提供有意發展雲端運算服務之製造商,尋求解決問題的方法或途徑。
The purpose of this study is to analyze how Taiwan PC manufacturers who have been strong in OEM/ODM can attain new development opportunities via cloud service innovation in cloud computing era. This study utilized qualitative data analysis and interview to examine how related manufacturers integrate resources to provide new services in cloud computing. Our findings suggest that deployment of product diversification based on core competencies may extend the link between products and cloud computing, helping manufacturers to provide custom cloud service and bring positive impact to performance. Cloud service has been developed based on resource integration. The integration process will have varying degrees of impact on the company''s processes, organization and strategy. This study revealed that manufacturers provide total solutions service of cloud computing through interdisciplinary integration of resources to create higher added value for customers which substantially conforms to the essence of service science. In conclusion, the major contribution of our research is to reveal practices taken by Taiwan’s IT production manufactures during the development of cloud computing services, as well as its organizational and strategic changes to help other manufacturers, interested in developing cloud computing services, methods or means of seeking solutions.
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