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標題: 企業併購之策略與評估-以Z公司併購案為例
Strategies and Evaluation of Business Mergers:A Case Study of Z Corporation
作者: 周俊伸
Chou, Chun-Shen
關鍵字: 併購策略
Merger strategies
Merger Valuation
Post-merger Integration
出版社: 高階經理人碩士在職專班
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摘要: 本研究是針對國內上櫃Z公司的二個實際併購交易,來檢視其策略、評估、及整合。首先第一個目標S公司,它的產品與Z公司高度的相關,在併購後的S公司營運有正面顯著的影響進而產生綜效。這個綜效的產生主要來自於銷售市場的開拓、內部營運的改善和顧客的成長等。反觀來看,Z公司在購買另一家K公司股權,顯現是一個集團的經營缺乏詳細的評估及無法產生綜效,雖已透過多項內部改善的方法,K公司仍然無法產生正的績效。因此,Z公司未來要針對K公司需要考慮採取外部改善方法。我也提供Z公司未來可採取的策略及營運方面上可行的建議。
This study examines the strategies, valuation, and integration of a Taiwanese public company’s (Co. Z) two merger deals. The first target’s (Co. S) products are highly related to Co. Z’s, which generated significant synergy after merger. The synergy arises from its expansion of sales channels, improvement of internal operations, and increase in customers. By contrast, Co. Z’s acquisition of another company (Co. K), a conglomerate deal, lacks deliberate consideration and is unable to deliver synergy. After taking a number of internal improvement methods, Co. K still had lackluster performance. Hence, Co. Z may need to undertake external restructuring programs for Co. K. I also provide suggestions for Co. Z’s future strategies and operations.
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