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標題: 菇類栽培廢棄物作為生長期肉用山羊替代芻料之可行性
Feasibility of Mushroom Cultivation Residues as a Forage Replacement for Growing Meat Goats
作者: 藍珊金
Lumsangkul, Chompunut
關鍵字: Mushroom cultivation residues
Growth performance
Growing goat
出版社: 動物科學系所
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摘要: 近年來,農業副產物成功地用於動物飼糧中,且越來越普及。副產物之價格通常會較傳統飼料原料低廉,若使用得當即可在動物生產性狀不改變太多的情況下有效的降低成本。菇類可藉由其酵素破壞木質纖維之結構如木質素、纖維素及半纖維素成小分子物質,菇類栽培廢棄物(MCR)經過產菇程序後,仍存有可供山羊等反芻動物利用之纖維性物質及營養分。本試驗旨於測試MCR作為替代芻料來源餵予生長山羊之可行性。本試驗中兩個試驗設計均使用完全逢機設計(completely randomized design),即將8隻女努比亞山羊逢機分配至4個不同的日糧處裡。第一和第二試驗是使用MCR分別去替代盤固拉乾草(PH)或玉米青貯料(CS)。替代的比例有(MCR:PH或CS)0:50, 25:25, 35:15, 50:0,而每個處理組中各含50%的精料。結果顯示,所有餵飼MCR替代玉米青貯料(CS)之羊隻其採食量均較餵飼CS羊隻者高。同樣地,餵飼含MCR替代25%及35%盤固拉草(PH)之羊隻其採食量也較高。餵飼MCR替代0%、25%或35%PH或CS飼糧之羊隻其消化率均無顯著差異。反之,餵飼含MCR替代50%PH或CS飼糧之羊隻其飼糧之乾物質、有機質、粗纖維、NDF及ADF之消化率較餵飼其他替代比例者低。餵飼含MCR替代35%PH之羊隻其氮採食量和氮平衡較餵飼其他替代比例者高,而在餵飼MCR替代CS之羊隻中並無該現象。餵飼含MCR替代25%PH之羊隻其平均日增重(ADG)較其他替代比例者高,而餵飼含MCR替代25%CS之羊隻並無此現象。然而,餵飼含MCR替代25%或35%CS者其ADG有較其他替代比例者高之趨勢。餵飼含MCR替代0%PH之羊隻其飼料轉換率(FCR)較餵飼其他替代比例者高,但無論MCR以何種比例替代CS其FCR均無顯著差異。總瘤胃揮發性脂肪酸含量(TVFA)於餵飼不同比例之MCR替代CS之羊隻與餵飼CS之羊隻間並無顯著差異,而餵飼MCR替代PH之羊隻其TVFA較餵飼PH之羊隻者低。添加高比例之MCR 於飼糧中會限制動物之營養分消化率,但若添加比例得當,MCR 可成為生長羊隻飼料原料來源之一。 關鍵字 : 太空包、生長性狀、消化率、生長山羊
Recently, agricultural by-products have been successfully used in diets for animal and which is getting more popularly. Usually, by-products offer a lower price than do traditional feedstuffs so that it is possible to reduce the rising feed cost without compromising animal performance if the products are used carefully. Mushrooms have the ability to degrade lignocellulosic substrates such as lignins, celluloses and hemicelluloses by their enzymes to simpler molecules so that after the cultivation process the mushroom cultivation residues (MCR) are still having readily degradable fibrous materials and may be one of the choices among the by-products that contain available nutrients for feeding ruminants such as goats. The purpose of this study was to determine the feasibility of using MCR as a forage source in the diets for growing goats. Both of two experiments using completely randomized design with 8 female Nubian goats for 4 dietary treatments. The first and the second experiment were used MCR as replacement of pangola hay (PH) and corn silage (CS), respectively. The replacement ratios of MCR to PH or Cs were 0:50, 25:25, 35:15 and 50:0 thereafter each treatments along with 50% concentrate on dry matter (DM) basis. Diets containing MCR as replacement of CS resulted in more DM intake than that containing no MCR. Similarly, goats fed with diets containing 25% or 35% MCR as replacement of PH resulted in increase of DMI. The results revealed that goats fed with diets containing 0%, 25% or 35% MCR as replacement of PH were not different in nutrient digestibility and similar results also found in goats fed MCR as replacement of CS. In contrast, goats fed with 50% MCR were lower in digestibility of DM, organic matter, crude fiber, NDF, and ADF. Nitrogen (N) intake and N balance were significantly greater in goats fed with rations containing 35% MCR as replacement of CS but there were no longer true in goats fed with MCR in replacement of PH. Average daily gain (ADG) was significantly greater in goats fed with diet containing 25% MCR in replacement of PH but there were no longer better in goats fed with MCR in replacement of CS. However, it tended to be increased of ADG in goats fed with diets containing 25% or 35% MCR in replacement of CS. Feed conversion ratio was significantly better in goats fed with diet containing no MCR but it was not different in goats fed with diets containing various levels of MCR in replacement of CS. The ruminal total VFA content was not altered in the goats fed with MCR in replacement of CS but was different in goats fed with MCR in replacement of PH from those fed with no MCR. In conclusion, mushroom cultivation residues may be a good alternative resource for substituting conventional feedstuffs for feeding goats if they are properly used since high level mushroom cultivation residues containing diets may result in limitation of nutrient digestion and consequently growth performance of the animals fed with. Key words: Mushroom cultivation residues, Growth performance, Digestibility, Growing goat
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