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標題: 多變數頻域設計法在雙軸渦輪扇引擎之控制應用
Design of Twin-Spool Turbofan Engine Controller by Multivariable Frequency-Demain Method
作者: 金玉書
Chin, Yuh-Shu
關鍵字: Multivariable Frequency-Demain Method
Turbofan Engine
出版社: 機械工程研究所
摘要: 本文利用Edmunds所提出的多變數頻域設計法在F-100引擎上單一操作點的 線性近似模式設計控制器。此法主要的原理是設計一個結構簡單的控制器 ,藉由最小平方法的觀念調適出最佳的控制器參數,並使真實的閉迴路系 統接近所希望的閉迴路系統。本文選取在海平面上、馬赫數為零、油門角 度為52度時的操作點當作設計點,然後在此操作點設計控制器。首先將線 性近似模式變換成轉移函數,再經過規格化矩陣的選取,然後利用 Edmunds法設計控制器,最後利用電腦數值模擬的結果判斷閉迴路系統是 否滿足性能要求,並且比較不同控制器結構下的數值模擬結果。
This thesis presents the design of a F-100 turbofan engine controller using Multivariable Frequency-Domain Method proposed by Edmunds. The idea of this method is to design a controller which has simple structure. The parameters of the controller are adjusted so that the closed-loop frequency response is as closed as possible, in a least square sense, to a desire response. In this thesis, an operating point(sea lever, static, PLA=52) is selected as a design point, and a controller is designed at this point. First, a linear state-space model obtained from a nonlinear engine model is transformed into transfer function and a scaling matrix is selected. Next, Edmunds algorithim is used to design a controller. Finally, the performance of the controller is evaluated by computer simulation and the performance of different controllers are compared.
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