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標題: 雙軸渦輪扇引擎之強韌控制器設計
Design of a Robust Controller for a Twin-spool Turbofan Engine
作者: 張仁祥
關鍵字: 雙軸渦輪扇引擎
出版社: 機械工程研究所
摘要: 本文主要是針對F-100型變烔渦輪扇相擎,以LQG/LTR法結合LQG/RPS設計法來設計基強韌控制器。在此控制器設計的過程中,我們利用模式簡化的技巧來設法降低控制系統架構和控制器動態階數的複雜程度。 文中首先將引擎的線性模式作適當的簡化,且為了達到零穩態誤差,在簡化模式內加入積分器形成擴增系統,現設計一LQG/LTR控制器以符合控制設計的考量。我們根據LQG/LTR法設計出的控制器具有不錯的命令執行與抵抗干擾的能力,並且對模式簡化後造成的模式誤差有不錯的強韌性。接著分析此控制系統在有不確定性參數變動時的穩定強韌性,再利用文獻0[9]中增加控制系統穩定強韌性的LQG/RPS法來一併改善原LQG/LTR控制器的性能與穩定強韌性。最後分別將這兩個控制器簡化並應用在引擎系統上,再以電腦數值模擬來驗證並比較其控制系統的性能。並由穩定區域的分析和性能模擬的結果作一討論。
In this paper, a method is proposed to design a robust controller for F-100 turbofan engine by combining the features of LQG/LTR and LQG/RPS approaches. In the design process of the proposed method, the MIMO residue method for model reduction is adopted to reduce both the complexities in control system structure and controller dynamic order. First, the model reduction technique is used for the F-100 engine to simflify a linear model of order 7. Since a zero-state error for step commands is desired, an augmented system is established by consisting of the reduced-order model and the integrators. Based on the augmented system, an LQG/LTR controller is then designed to meet the design considerations. The LQG/LTR method results controllers that have "good" command following and "good" disturbance rejection and are robust. with respect to modeling errors. Stability robustness of the control system with respect to some uncertain parameters is also anslyzed. Furthermore, the stability robustness of the designed LQG/LTR controller with respect to uncertain parameters is enhanced by using the LQG/RPS method developed in reference [9]. Finally, the orders of these two controllers are reduced for imple-mentation. The performances of these two controllers are validated and compared through the computer simulations. We also analyze stability region and discuss the result of performance simulation.
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