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標題: 作物資料庫及適栽作物推薦
Crop Database And Crop Suitability Recommendations
作者: 王鼎鈞
Wang, Ding-Jiun
關鍵字: 作物資料庫
出版社: 土壤環境科學系所
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摘要: 農業電子化是一個重要的課題,近年來各種農業相關資料庫、資訊系統的建置也蓬勃發展。目前國外和國內有關作物生長特性的資訊大多是利用聯合國農糧組織建立的ECOCROP,然而其所能提供的資訊並無法顯現出同種作物間因為品種改良而產生的環境需求差異,也無法提供特定品種於不同生長期適合的生長條件與氣象災害條件。 本論文擬建立一個能夠儲存各作物品種在不同生長階段適合的生長條件與氣象災害條件之關聯資料庫。由於這些資料蒐集並不容易,因此本資料庫設計上採用類似維基百科的方式,藉由所開發的網頁平台蒐集四散於各地的作物資料,蒐集的資料再藉由特有的兩段式更新方法對資料品質進行控管。最後利用本作物資料庫配合行政院農業委會農業試驗所之農業氣象諮詢系統,作一簡單的適栽作物推薦作業之模擬應用。
Electronic agriculture is an important subject in recent years. Various agriculture-related databases and information system implementation are also booming. Most crop growth characteristics used by domestic or international experts derived from ECOCROP built by FAO. However, the information from ECOCROP cannot provide the differences between varieties, and cannot offer the most suitable growth conditions or agrometeorological disaster damage conditions for specific growth stage. In this thesis, we intent to establish a crop database which could store suitable growth conditions and damaging weather conditions for different growth stages using relational database management system. In addition, we try to mimic the way of wikipedia did in data collection, because the required crop information is hard to collect. Web pages are designed for easy to collect the crop information scattered in the world. We used “Two Phase Update” method to ensure the quality of the collected data. Finally, we integrate the crop database and the agrometeorological information system built by Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, to demonstrate a simple application in crop suitability recommendation.
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