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標題: 加載超音波於可位移心軸之小彎徑金屬管迴轉彎曲製程研究
On Draw Bending Process of a Metal Tube in Small Bend Radius with Moveable Mandrel Imposed by Ultrasonic Vibration
作者: 吳信潔
Wu, Hsin-Chieh
關鍵字: Draw-Bending
Experimental design method
出版社: 機械工程學系
摘要: 由於現今產品講究輕薄小型化,因此管件在有限的空間,小彎徑彎管變日趨重要,然而在小彎徑彎管的製程卻有斷面幾何的問題,例如管件內側出現皺摺、管件橢圓化等等。因此本研究嘗試建立加載超音波於可位移心軸之小彎徑金屬管迴轉彎曲製程研究實驗機台,以了解有無加載超音波及心軸位移量對於小彎徑彎管的影響,以及針對不同振幅給予方式和不同心軸進給方式對彎管影響作探討,實驗中利用實驗規劃法針對振幅及心軸前置量實驗規劃。 由實驗結果證實加載超音波對於彎曲成形負荷及回彈量有明顯降低。亦證實心軸前置量與不同進給方式對於彎管的影響性,當心軸前置量越多及心軸持續往前進給,其斷面的幾何及回彈量越好。另外對於不同振幅給予方式研究,其越早提供超音波振幅越能減少彎曲負荷,且有較好斷面幾何及以減少回彈量的結果。本研究所得之結果將有助於小彎徑於彎管工業上的應用,並提供業界關於加載超音波在可移動心軸之金屬管迴轉彎曲製程研究。
Metal tube in small bend radius is recently broad in ask to implement into small and light parts for debug energy as materials. However, by bending material tube in small radius, there are some failures such as wrinkling, splitting appearing on the bent tube. Therefore, this study attempts to build up a metal tube draw bending process with ultrasonic vibration applied on the mandrel, which is moveable during the bending process, to improve the bending of metal tube in small radius. In this study, the amplitude of the ultrasonic vibration and the offset of mandrel are regarded as process parameters, which are by experimental design method. The experiment results indicate that the bending load and the springback will be reduced as the amplitude of the ultrasonic vibration increases. Also when the offset of the mandrel increases, let the mandrel move forward continually, or by applying earlier the amplitude of the ultrasonic vibration can improve both geometry and springback. The results can be served as a reference to apply the metal tube in small bend radius process for bending tube industry.
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