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標題: 三次元量床雷射探頭校準之研究
A Study of Laser Probe Alignment for Coordinate Measuring Machine
作者: 林信介
關鍵字: 校準
出版社: 機械工程學系
摘要: 本研究的目的是提出一套快速且準確的方法來校準(alignment) 應用在三次元量床(Coordinate Measuring Machine, CMM)上的非接觸式雷射探頭,使得雷射探頭與觸發式探頭同時應用於三次元量床執行工件曲面輪廓之檢測時有共同之參考座標。 本文對雷射探頭的特性加以分析,並以非線性回歸分析出探頭之誤差模型。另外,進一步針對自由曲面執行雷射探頭掃描量測,並以觸發式探頭測得之資料為基準驗證系統精度。
This paper describes a fast and accurate method for the laser probe alignment that applied in Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) .It makes the laser probe and the touch trigger probe have the samereference coordinate system when applied in our CMM applications at the same time. The characteristics of the laser probe can be analyzed according to different affecting factors. Then we will get a nonlinear regression equation of characteristics. Furthermore, the free form surface of an object is measured by the aligned laser probe and the results are compared with those touch trigger probe measured. Keywords: Alignment, Laser probe, Coordinate Measuring Machine, Nonlinear regression
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