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標題: 農業合作社社員忠誠度之影響因素:以河内及胡志明市之蔬菜產銷合作社為例
The Determinants of Agricultural Cooperative Members' Loyalty: A Case Study on Vegetable Production and Marketing Cooperative in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh Cities, Vietnam
作者: 黎氏清玄
關鍵字: agricultural cooperative
loyalty of member
出版社: 國際農學研究所
摘要: 農業合作社是由一群擁有共同需求和利益的成員所組成的集體經濟組織。由於農業合作社中的成員對於組織成敗有著關鍵性的影響,本研究試圖設計一組測驗,並藉此測試越南的農業合作社中社員的忠誠度。在測驗中調查了成員的忠誠度及忠誠度與其教育水準、對合作社的認知程度對於合作社的滿意度及參與程度之間的相關性。研究結果發現社員的忠誠度與其教育程度、對合作社的認知、滿意度及參與度都有顯著的直接或間接相關。測驗結果更顯示出誠員在社期間經由合作社賣出的蔬菜百分比以及與合作社的市場協議都對與社員的忠誠度有著顯著的正相關性。根據我們的研究結果,農業合作社的管理者或許能更有效地將這些因素應用到經營當中。
Agricultural cooperative is a collective economic organization established by members who share common demands and interests. Since the human factors in agricultural cooperative are very important for its success, the purpose of this study is to propose and test a model of members' loyalty in agricultural cooperative in Vietnam. Within the model, members' loyalty and its relationships among knowledge, perception, satisfaction and participation of members is examined. This study found that the loyalty of members is significantly influenced by members' knowledge, perception, satisfaction and participation directly or indirectly. Additionally the results shown that the duration of membership, percentage of vegetables sold via cooperatives and marketing agreement with cooperatives have significant moderating effects on the relationships in the members' loyalty model. Based on findings, implications for agricultural cooperative managers are discussed.
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