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標題: 陡坡崩塌地各植生工法之研究
Study on the Application of Vegetation Engineering on Steep Landslides
作者: 史強
Chi, Chance
關鍵字: Vegetation engineering
Stone pavement
Stake and fence
出版社: 土壤環境科學系
摘要: 九二一大地震後,中部地區因地震引起之崩塌與地表裸露情形非常嚴重,崩塌地面積約有15977公頃,其中大部份邊坡植被遭受嚴重破壞,如遇颱風豪雨,邊坡或崩積土石遭受沖刷,產生二次崩塌或產生土石流災害,危及下游居民生命財產安全。 地震所造成之崩塌坡面較為陡急,故部份傳統使用於邊坡植生工法,無法適用,而且前國內無針對傳統工法於同地作試驗及評估,以研擬最佳植生工法,本研究係以打樁編柵法、種子混同黏著劑直播法、舖網植生法、砌石植生法,試驗結果,植物覆蓋率最佳者為砌石法,抗沖蝕力最佳為打樁編柵法,陡坡地最佳之植生工法為打樁編柵混同播種法;另為瞭解崩塌地優勢植物與土壤環境之關係,選定南投縣八處地震崩塌地,調查優勢植物種類及土壤環境相關性,調查分析統計結果,土壤立地環境及坡向即可推斷未來崩塌地植群型態。 為使崩塌地之整治復舊加速進行,加速植物自然演替之成果,除以人為植生工法整治外,可配合土壤環境植群型態直接導入草本及木本種子直播,以加速植物自然演替之進行,並兼顧整治及自然資源保育之目的。
The area of landslides and denudations caused by 921 earthquakes in 1999 were estimated 15977 hectares in central Taiwan. The vegetation on the landslides was destroyed seriously. Additional soil erosion and debris flow may happen when heavy raining if the slope is not protected. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficiency of several vegetation engineering methods, including stake and fence, seeding with adhesive, net covering, and stone pavement on the restoration of landslides. The obtained results showed the best plant recovery was in stone pavement plots. Stake and fence plots had highest resistance to soil erosion. The stake and fence with direct seeding was the best method. In addition, eight landslides at Nanto County were selected to investigate the relationship between dominant plant species and the environmental parameters. The results indicated a strong relationship between pant community structure and habitat environment and the aspect. In addition to vegetation engineering mentioned above, the introduction of herbaceous and woody plant seeds can accelerate the plant succession and the restoration of landslides.
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