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標題: 不同植栽配置模式之減噪效果研究 -以台中市綠園道系統為例-
The Effects of Noise Reduction for Different Planting Arrangements -A Case Study of Greenway System in Taichung City-
作者: 林慧盈
Lin, Hui-Ying
關鍵字: Noise
Planting Arrangement
Noise Reduction
出版社: 園藝學系
摘要: 本研究係針對台中市綠園道系統進行實地測量,以瞭解綠園道對交通噪音之實際防音機能,並進一步分析各種不同綠園道形式對於都市交通噪音衰減情形之差異,期望能提供未來減噪設計時之參考。 本研究之方法是利用噪音測量儀器,於綠園道中進行實地測量,分析園道對噪音之衰減值,並利用描述性統計、單因子變異數分析、相關分析及複迴歸等統計分析方式,以瞭解影響園道噪音衰減之因子及其重要性。 結果顯示: 一、園道型式不同(包含其寬度、植栽配置情形、硬舖面比例之不同), 對噪音控制之效果會有不同程度之影響。 二、環境因子(包含溫度、 濕度)之差異,對噪音控制效果會有所影 響,其中溫度之影響達顯著水準。即溫度越高,則噪音衰減之效果會 降低。
This study tries to explore the function of greenway to reduction the traffic noise by actually measurement in Taichung city. The further analysis is used as reference for the planting design especially noise reduction. The method of the research is actually measurement in the greenway by integrating sound level meter to analyze the effect of noise reduction for greenways. Several statistical techniques, such as descriptive statistics, one-way analysis of variance, correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis, are applied to understand the importance of the factors for noise reduction. Base on the results, the study proposes two conclusions as follows: 1.There are different effects on the noise reduction by different planting arrangements, including the width, planting arrangement, and proportion of hard paving. 2.There are different effects on the noise reduction by different environment factors, including temperature, and humidity. Among them, the effect of temperature is the most significant factor. This means the higher temperature, the less effect of noise reduction.
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