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標題: 利用形態性狀與RAPD標誌在番椒品種鑑別應用之研究
Application of Morphological Traits and Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) Markers on Cultivar Identification of Capsicum annuum L.
作者: 林政潔
Lin, Cheng Chieh
關鍵字: 形態性狀
Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) Markers
Capsicum annuum
出版社: 園藝學系
摘要: 以國內種苗公司的49個番椒品種(Capsicum annuum L.)的外觀形態性狀進 行群叢分析(cluster analysis),並篩選對農友種苗公司的7個品種具有 多型性的RAPD(random amplified polymorphic DNA)標誌之引子( primers),鑑別分析其他42個品種。番椒品種的形態性狀鑑別,依據「國 家作物種原中心」所訂定「番椒品種特性調查項目」的分類標準,25項性 狀調查分析結果顯示以種子、葉片、花器的11項性狀不易區別各品種的差 異,而以果實的14項性狀較易區別出各品種間的差異,但仍無法將全部供 試品種完全鑑別區分。自110組逢機引子(random primers)中篩選出 UBC-327、UBC-484、UBC-002、UBC-005、UBC-019、UBC-020、UBC-042、 UBC-043、UBC-066、及UBC-084等10組對農友種苗公司的7個品種具有多型 性的RAPD標誌之引子,對其他42個供試品種亦具有效的完全鑑別區分,最 遠的遺傳距離約為81%。從各品種的性狀特徵與RAPD條帶圖譜的比對,得 到有UBC-019m(1330bp)條帶或有UBC-020j(1800bp)條帶的品種為辣椒品種 ,有UBC-043e(1300bp)條帶的為強辣、果型瘦小、果面無條溝的辣椒品種 ,若有UBC-020j(1800bp)條帶,而無UBC-043e(1300bp)條帶的辣椒品種, 則如‵和星′與‵群星′品種一樣為微辣、果型寬大、果面有條溝的性狀 。而形態性狀與RAPD標誌群叢分析中,供試品種明顯區分為甜椒和辣椒品 種兩大群,農友種苗公司的‵天王星′和‵巨星′二個品種的親緣關係最 近,農友種苗公司的‵和星′、‵群星′、與生生種子公司的‵麗方′、 ‵夏鐘′等四個品種分在同一群內,農友種苗公司的‵織女星′、‵美星 ′與生生種子公司的‵友方′、‵富方′、‵豔方′等五個品種分在同一 群內,其他品種間的相對親緣關係之歸群結果也大致相同。
Morphological traits and randomly amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers are used to identify their relationship of 49 pepper(Capsicum annuum L.) cultivars from Know You and Evergrow Seed Companies. Twenty five horticultural traits based on the classification system of National Plant Genetic Resource Center showed that the morphological traits of seed, leaf, flower, and fruit can be used to distinguish 49 Capsicum annuum L. cultivars. By utilization of the differences of 14 fruit characteristics to test these 49 cultivars that they could not be fully distinguished by the morphological traits along.A total of 10 DNA primers are selected from 110 random primers which has shown the polymorphic patterns among 7 pepper cultivars from Know You Seed Company. Ten of the 110 primers, i. e. UBC-327, UBC-484, UBC-002, UBC-005, UBC-019, UBC-020, UBC-042, UBC-043, UBC-066, UBC-084, showed polymorphism and could distinguish all 49 Capsicum annuum L. cultivars. The least similarity of cluster analysis is about 81% among cultivars by 10 primers.Pepper cultivars with UBC-019m(1330bp) or UBC-020j(1800bp) band belong to group of hot pepper cultivars with UBC-043e(1300bp) band had strong pungency, narrower fruit shape, and smooth fruit surface. Hot pepper only showed cultivars with UBC-020j(1800bp) band but without UBC-043e(1300bp) band are slight pungency , wider fruit shape, and groove fruit surface, such as 'Peace Star' and ' Group Stars' cultivars of Know You Seed Company. The dendrograms displayed sweet pepper and hot pepper can be distinguished through the cluster analysis of using RAPD markers. Cultivar 'Uranus' showed proximate genetic relationship with 'Big Star' of Know You Seed Company. And Know You cultivars of 'Peace Star' and 'Group Stars' were clustered in the same group with Evergrow Seed Company cultivars of 'Lady Square' and 'Summer Bell'. The same as 'Vega' and 'Beauty Bell' cultivars of Know You Seed Company and 'Square Lamuyo', 'Rich Square', and 'Blocky Red' cultivars of Evergrow Seed Company. The result of genetic relationship among 49 Capsicum annuum L. cultivars based on RAPD markers are similarity with cluster analysis of morphological traits.
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