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標題: 巨峰葡萄組織培養幼株之研究
The Growth of Tissue Culture Yong Plant in Kyoho Grapevine
作者: 朱健誠
Che, Chien-Cheng
關鍵字: Grapevine
Tissue culture plant
出版社: 園藝學系
摘要: 巨峰葡萄組織培養幼株生長之研究摘 要 為探討`巨峰’葡萄組織培 養植株之生長,本研究利用1年生組織培養植株及扦插植株為材料,在夏 季栽植田間及盆栽後,翌年春季開始調查枝梢生長、葉片生長及根生長狀 況,並做葉片、莖、根切片。 由植株之生長發現,無論在春季或夏季 ,組織培養植株之新梢長與直徑、節間長、葉數、鮮重、乾重、總葉面積 、總葉重均比扦插之植株較長、較大且較多,組織培養植株之枝、葉及根 之鮮重、乾重可達扦插植株之1.5倍,組織培養植株之葉綠素含量、光合 成速率較高、葉片較厚、葉色較濃綠,且其葉齡亦較扦插植株長。另由顯 微觀察葉、莖、根之切片,發現組織培養植株細胞排列整齊且較緊密。組 織培養植株生長較扦植株為佳。Summary e b: order to investigated the growth of tissue culture plants
order to investigated the growth of tissue culture plants in 1 year-old `Kyoho’ grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.×Vitis labruscana Bailey), shoot tip tissue culture and cutting plants were grown in pot and the field of Viticulture Research Sta-tion, NCHU in summer of 1996, and their growth of shoots, leaves and roots were investigated in the period from spring to winter of 1997. Observing the sections of leaf, stem and root via microscope. It was found that the length and diameter of the shoot, length of the internode, number of leaves, fresh weight and dry weight of shoot, total area and weight of leaves of tissue culture plants were longer, larger and more than those of cutting plants. The fresh weight of shoot、leaves and root in tissue culture plant was 1.5 times greater than those of cutting plants. Tissue culture plants had dark green leaves, thickness leaves, high levels of cholorophyll, and high levels of photosynthetic rate. They also had delayed leaf-fall compared to the cutting plants. By observ-ing the sections of leaf, stem and root via microscope, it was shown that the array of cells was in good order and tight. Tissue culture plants were good than those of cutting plants.
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