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標題: 芒果(Mangifera indica L.)果實發育之研究
Studies on the Development of Mango (Mangifera indica L.) Fruit
作者: 鍾立展
Chung, Li-Chan
關鍵字: Mango
Fruit Growth
出版社: 園藝學系
摘要: 為探討芒果果實發育之變化,本試驗調查果實發育期間外觀形態、內 部組成份及細胞層數與大小的變化。 愛文(Irwin)、在來種(Local)及 海頓(Haden)品種試驗結果顯示,果實發育期間鮮重、體積、果長、果寬 、果厚及種子等方面的變化均呈典型的單S型。愛文及海頓由盛花至完熟 須130日,盛花後120日已達生理成熟的階段,在來種果實完熟須110日, 盛花後100日果實亦達生理成熟的大小。果實達生理成熟後果皮逐漸轉色 ,愛文及海頓轉變為橙紅色;在來種則為黃色。三種品種的果肉顏色在進 入生理成熟後,隨果實的發育日數,皆由內果皮處向外逐漸轉黃。果肉厚 度及可溶性固形物隨果實發育日數而增加,果實比重及乾物重含量的變化 呈V字型,依碘液的呈色反應顯示,果實發育初期澱粉較低,隨內果皮的 硬化而逐漸增加。 利用切片及顯微照相,調查果肉細胞層數及大小, 結果顯示愛文、在來種及海頓芒果細胞分裂的時期,自盛花後開始至果實 快速生長初期時停止,愛文及海頓為盛花後76日,在來種則在盛花後62日 ,愛文與海頓果實中段部的細胞層數約為果頂部及果底部的4倍,在來種 則為6倍,之後主要是細胞肥大,且由中層細胞先肥大,其次為內層及外 層;愛文與在來種果實中段及果底部的細胞略大於果頂部,海頓方面仍以 中段部為最大,但此時果頂部的細胞大於果底部。調查結果發現果肉細胞 層數及大小與果實品種有關,愛文及海頓品種較在來種細胞層數較多且細 胞亦較大。
Mango varieties ''Irwin'' , ''Hadan'' and ''Local'' were used to study the physical , morphological , anatomacal and chemical changes in growth and development of mango fruits. The results indicated growth curves of fresh weight 、volume、length、width 、thickness of fruits and seeds showed typical single sigmoid patterns. It take 120 days for ''Irwin'' ,''Haden'' and 100 days for ''Local'' fruits to reach full size .The color of peels in ''Irwin'' and ''Haden'' appeared orange with red,and ''Local'' was turned to light yellow when it became maturity. The souble solids of juice increased following fruit develpoment.Specific gravity and dry matter content of fruit showed a type curve.The starch increased follow with endocarp harden. Cell layers and size in pulp were investigated by section and microgreph technology.Results indicated the period of cell division in ''Irwin''、''Local ''、''Haden'' mango were from full bloom to the initial stage of rapidly growth in fruit.The period of cell division in ''Irwin'' and ''Haden'' terminated in 76 days after full bloom and ''Local'' terminated in 62 days after full bloom.The cell size became to enlargement and hypertrophy after that time as mentioned above.The cell layers of the middle part were four times for ''Irwin'' ,''Haden'' and six times for ''Local'' than the top and bottom part of fruit .In the meanwhile ,the cells of middle layers in pulp was the earliest hypertrophy and inner layer was the second,final was out layer cells in pulp.The layers and size of cell in pulp were related to the variety in fruit.The cell layer in ''Irwin'' and ''Haden'' was more than ''Local'' and cell size was also larger than ''Local''.
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