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dc.contributor.advisor張武男, 林深林zh_TW
dc.contributor.advisorWoo-Nang Chang, Sheng-Lin Linen_US
dc.contributor.authorTseng, Ming-Paoen_US
dc.description.abstract四種有機介質中稻草堆肥,極有效水分含量(0 ~ 10KPa 壓力之間的含水 量差值)最高為0.08 g/ml。泥炭土、蔗渣堆 肥、金針菇堆肥三種介質 的水分含量相近。添加河砂對四種供試介質都可以增加極有效水分含量, 添加比例超過50% V/V時則極有效水分含量減少。以25%V/V的添加比例增 加的效果最佳。隨著栽培時間的增加,水分含量有增加趨勢,但增加的趨 勢不顯著。隨著栽培時間增加,總體密度增加、總孔隙度減少、充氣孔隙 度減少、pH值降低、EC值增加、CEC值增加、C/N 比減少。介質個別型態 間差異大,因此在各理化因子間相關性不高。但是對同一種介質則理化因 子間有很高的相關性。三種廢棄物介質的元素含量皆比泥炭土高。金針菇 堆肥介質的含錳量很高,容易造成植株的缺鐵現象。試驗中各種介質對夏 雪萬年青、綠帝王蔓綠絨的生長影響不顯著。介質使用6月後的再利用介 質,種植四季秋海棠12週,以蔗渣堆肥介質處理者有較高的株高,地上部 乾鮮重、地下部乾鮮重亦較高。種植非洲鳳仙12週,則以稻草堆肥介質者 有較高的的株高,地上部乾鮮重、地下部乾鮮重也較其他三種介質重。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractRice straw compost had the highest easily available water (0.08 g/ml), the water content difference goes between 0 and 10 kPa) in four media tested. Water contents of the other three media (peat moss, sugarcane compost, and golden mushroom compost) were closed to each other. Mixing with sand increased EAW in all four media, but EAW decreased if the sand portion would be over 50% V/V. The most efficient EAW increase was made by 25% V/V sand mix. Water contents in the media increased slightly with the time after planting.Buld density, CEC, and EC increased with the time after planting, while TP, AFP, pH, and C/N ratio were decreased on the other way. There were different characteristics for every medium, the correlation between characters were not found for all media, although some correlation were found for individual medium. Three media made from agricultural waste had higher mineral contents than peat moss. High manganese was found in golden mushroom compost, which was the cause of iron deficiency. There was no difference on growth of either Philodendron or Diffenbachia by four media. Four media were reused for growing Begonia after 6 month of Diffenbachia pot growing. Begoniain sugarcane compost had higher plants as well as more dry and fresh weight either for shoot or for root.en_US
dc.subjectpeat mossen_US
dc.subjectgolden mushroom composten_US
dc.subjectsugarcane composten_US
dc.subjectrice straw composten_US
dc.titleChang of the physical and chemical properties in four organic media and its influence to potting plantsen_US
dc.typeThesis and Dissertationzh_TW
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