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標題: 休閒農業民宿旅客特性與需求之研究
A Study on the Visitors'''''''' Characteristics and Demand of Pension in Agriculture Tourism Areas
作者: 姜惠娟
Gian, Huey Giuan
關鍵字: Agriculture Tourism
Visitors'''''''' Characteristics
出版社: 園藝學系
摘要: 本研究主要目的在於了解國內民宿旅客之社經背景特性與投宿情形,並探 討民宿旅客選擇民宿的動機與住宿需求的相關意見,期藉由對民宿遊客類 群之瞭解,將所得之結論提供未來發展﹑推動及實施民宿時之參考。本研 究採用問卷調查鹿谷休閒農業民宿村與八卦力民宿村的民宿旅客,並利用 等距取樣法取樣,共得有效問卷218份。資料分析方法採用信度分析、因 素分析及簇群分析,進行旅客類群之分類與命名;T檢定與單變異係數分 析進行假設的檢定。經由分析的結果,本研究得到主要的結論如下:1. 選擇民宿的動機之同意度因子經由因素分析可得五項因素,「民宿的效益 性」、「民宿的環境與體驗性」、「民宿的寧靜與質樸性」、「民宿的便 利性」與「民宿的嘗試性」。 2. 經由簇群分析將民宿旅客分成五大旅客 類群,「效益追尋型」、「環境特質型」、「嘗試型」、「便利型」與「 綜合型」。 3. 五種動機之旅客類群,在30項民宿住宿需求項目中,有17 項達顯著差異。 4. 民宿旅客社經背景特性不同,其選擇民宿的動機之同 意度因子與民宿住宿需求之重要度因子在認知上差異不大。
The main purpose of this study was to understand the socio- economic background of pension visitors and to discuss their motivation and demand of choosing pension as an accommodation overnight. It was expected that the understanding of different characteristics and demand of pension visitors could provide guidelines for future development and implementation of pension. This study used questionnaires to survey both pensions related to agriculture tourism, Barguarly and Lewgoo. The study used systematic sampling method to select survey samples and 218 valid samples were obtained. Data was analyzed by descriptive statistics, T-test, one-way analysis of variance, reliability analysis, factor analysis, and cluster analysis. Based on the findings, the major conclusions can be drawn as follows: 1. Nineteen motivations of selecting pension were reduced to five factors, "benefit of pension", "environment and experience of pension", "tranquil and simple of pension", "convenience of pension", and "tryout of pension". 2. Pension visitors were grouped into five clusters, "benefit sought cluster", "environmental characteristic cluster", "tryout cluster", "convenience cluster", and "general cluster". 3. There were significant differences on pension demand among five clusters. 4. The socio-economic background of pension visitors with different characteristics had similar perceptions on the motivations of selecting a pension and accommodation demand.
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