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標題: 台中市民對鄰里公園植栽綠地滿意度之研究
A Study on Taichung City Residents'' Plant and Green Space Satusfaction of Neighborhood Park.
作者: 黃佳盛
Hwang, Jia-Sheng
關鍵字: Neighborhood Park
Green Space
出版社: 園藝學系
摘要: 本研究之主要目的在於藉由問卷調查了解台中市民對鄰里公園植栽綠地 之滿意度,以了解民眾的需求,並將所得之結論提供未來進行公園設計與 維護管理時之參考。本研究採用問卷方式調查公園使用者,採用分層抽樣 法,共得有效問卷1898份。資料分析主要採用描述性統計﹑T檢定、卡方 分析﹑單因子變異數分析、相關分析及複迴歸分析進行結果的描述及作假 設驗証之工作。經由分析的結果﹐本研究得到主要的結論如下:1.鄰里公 園使用者的使用動機與性別、年齡、教育程度、職業、月平均收入等因素 具有相關性。2.鄰里公園使用者的性別、年齡、教育程度、職業、月平均 收入、婚姻狀況、家庭組成、18歲以前的居住地、目前的居住地等的不同 ,其對植栽設計手法的態度亦不同。3.鄰里公園使用者不同的使用動機對 植栽綠地有不同的滿意度。4.鄰里公園使用者對鄰里公園各類植栽因子的 滿意度如維護品質、數量多寡的情況會影響整體植栽的滿意度,且強弱各 有不同。5.鄰里公園使用者對公園整體的滿意度受其對整體植栽的滿意度 及維修品質滿意度影響,且強弱各有不同。
The main purpose of this study was to understand the satisfaction of Taichung city residents on plant and green space. In addition, we hoped understand the related demand and opinions of the neighborhood park users. Discussing from this perspective, we hoped that the results would provide guidelines for future neighborhood park design and maintenance.This study used questionnaires to survey park users. Park users were selected by using stratified sampling method and 1898 valid samples were obtained. This study used descriptive statistics, chi-square test, t-test, one-way analysisof variance, correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis to describe the research results and examine the research hypotheses. Based on the results, the major conclusions could be drawn as follows:1. Motivations of park users were related to sex, age, level of education, occupation, and income.2. Park users with different characteristics, such as sex, age, level of education, occupation, income, marital situation, family members, residence before 18 years old, and present residence, had different attitudes on planting methods. 3. Different park use motivations of park users had different satisfaction level on plant and green space.4. The total satisfaction of plant was affected by the satisfaction, maintenance quality, and the quantity of plant.5. The total satisfaction of neighborhood park was affected by the total satisfaction of plant and the satisfaction of maintenance.
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