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dc.contributor.advisorWoo Nang Changen_US
dc.contributor.authorChen, Yu Chuangen_US
dc.description.abstract摘要以分蔥'佳里'','學甲'','福建'','28'','菲律賓''及'泰國''品系進行無病 毒植株之培育,以不同莖頂大小,不同熱療處理週數及不同生長調節劑種類 及濃度找出獲得最高增殖倍及無病毒植株率之最適條件.分蔥之莖頂培養 最適當之莖頂大小為帶一葉原體(約 300 m大小),其成活率及獲得無病毒 植株之機率可較高,若配合分蔥植株熱療處理則更可提高獲得無病毒株之 機率,以37 每日處理16小時,32 每日處理8小時,連續八週處理可獲 得100%之無病毒植汙.'佳里''品系之莖頂培養最適培養基為 MS 添加 Picloram 0.14 mg/l 與 BA 8.6 mg/l, 及 NAA 0.4 mg/l 與 TDZ 0.03 mg/l .'泰國''品系之莖頂培養最適培養基為MS添加 Picloram 0.03 mh/l 與 TDZ 1.0 mg/l.分蔥'佳里'','學甲'','福建''及'S-28''品系以莖頂培養所 獲得的無病植株,與普通植株進行田間產量試驗及貯藏試驗,分蔥之無病毒 植株較普通植株之營養生長旺盛,株高比普通株高,分蘗數為普通株之1.33 ~2.08倍,平均單株全重為普攻汙之2.6~3.9倍,單株產量為普通株之2.3 ~3.3倍,單株分球數為普通株之1.3~1.8倍,單球重為普通株之1.3~2.8倍. 而分蔥普通株之鱗莖貯藏六週後之失重率,為無病毒植珠之鱗莖貯藏六週 後的3倍.zh_TW
dc.description.abstractLocal and introduced shallot cultivars 'hia-Yi'''hwei-Chia,'' Fu-Chen'','S-28'','Philippine'' and 'Thailand'' were used to study the infuluence of shoot apex size,number of weeks in heat therapy and growth regulator for obtaining the highest propagation rate and best culture condition of producing virus- free seedings. When shoot apex with one leaf primordium (approximately 300 m)hadbetter virus-free and survival rate. If shoot apex culture with heat therapycould increase the virus- free rate. One handred percent virus-free plantlet could be obtained when shallot plant subjected to 37 for 16 hours and 32 for 8 hours daily continued for 8 weeks. The best culture medium for 'Chia-Yi'' shallot was the MS medium with Picloram 0.140 mg/l,and BA 8.6 mg/l, or with Picloram 0.39 mg/l, and TDZ 0.03 mg/l, with NAA1.1 mg/l and BA 5.3 mg/l, as well as with NAA 0.4 mg/l and TDZ 0.3 mg/l. The best culture medium for 'Thailand'' shallot shoot apex was the MS medium with Picloram 0.03 mg/l and TDZ 1.0mg/l. Yield trial in the field and storage test from virus-free plantletoriginated from shoot apex culture showed plant hight was better than ordinary plants. Number of tiller. average plant of number of bulbs per plant, and singlebulb weight of virus-free plant were higher than ordinary plant. The bulb weight decereased in ordinary bulbs was three times higher than the virus-freebulbs after 6 weeks storage was 3 times heavier of that of normal bulb.en_US
dc.subjectshoot apex cultureen_US
dc.subjectheat therapyen_US
dc.titleStudies on the production and cultivation of virus free shallot(en_US
dc.typeThesis and Dissertationzh_TW
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