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標題: Srudies on the Spore Fine Structure 、Propagation and Cultivation of Pteridophytes.
作者: 陳進分
Chen, Jin-Fen
關鍵字: Pteridophytes
Spore Fine Structure
出版社: 園藝研究所
摘要: Spores were obtained from the greenhouse at TaiTung DAIS.The methods of specimen preparation and observation on SEM were divided four treatments.Treatment A:The spores only air dried two weeks and storage at 6 months.Treatment B:Spores including sporangia were put in the tube.About 10 c.c ofroom- temperature glacial acetic acid was added to the tube and kept in the boiling water bath for about 1 minute.Treatment C:Spores were placed in 2.5%Glutaraldehyde+0.05Mphosphate buffer(pH7.2), Samples were rinsed in 95% ethanol at 5 times and dehydrated in 95% ethanol.Treatment D:Fresh spores only.The best result is treatment D,fresh spores were mounted on standard stub and sputter coated with gold palladium for 1 minute. This project had been collect 29 species of indigenous Pteridophytes in Particular those belong to Thelypteridaceae and Polypodiaceae,from east Taiwan and establish a plantation tor the conservation of all the species collected.Fresh spores had been sampled directly from the plantation and examined withSEM. Based on the fine structure of extine ornamentation,aconcise key to the inidgenous Pteridophytes of Taiwan had been established. Tree fern debris is the best germination for leatherleaf fern propagation by using spore.The best tion for leatherleaf fern spore sowing is autumn in Taitung district because high summer temperature can affect the prothallium growth and cause it browning even dying.Leatherleaf fern,a sciophyte,requires shade for commercial production.Desired shade level,according to the ferneries located,must be adjusted properly.The results of cultivation trial in Taitung district show that 80%shade level had superior cut leaf yield,leaf length,leaf weight to 40% shade level.THere have significant difference between them.Low shade level may cause the leaf color yellow,the short cut leaf,and no economical value.
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