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標題: 鈣、磷肥及氮源比例對火鶴花生長及切花品質之影響
Effect of supplying various concentrations of calcium and phosphorous fertilizers and various ratios of nitrogen fertilizer form on flower growth and quality of Anthurium andraeanum 'Tropical'.
作者: 陳進順
Chen, Jin-Shun
關鍵字: Anthurium
Calcium fertilize
Phosphorous fertilize
Nitrogen ratio
出版社: 園藝學系所
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摘要: 本試驗主要的目的是在於觀察供給‘Tropical’火鶴花不同鈣肥濃度、不同磷肥濃度和不同氮源比例氮肥對Anthurium andraeanum ‘Tropical’的生長和切花採後品質。在不同鈣肥濃度供給的實驗中,90ppm的鈣肥供給有最好的葉面積生長速率和最高的切花全可溶性醣含量。在不同氮源比例氮肥供給實驗中,NH4+:NO3-為1:6有最好的葉面積生長速率;而切花全可溶性醣含量上,NH4+:NO3-為1:4的處理組是最多的。儘管鈣肥濃度90ppm和氮源比例NH4+:NO3-為1:6氮肥的處理有最高的葉面積生長速率,這兩個處理的切花生長速率在個別的處理中都是較低的。在不同磷肥試驗中,31ppm的磷肥供給有最好的根部活性;缺磷會使Anthurium andraeanum‘Tropical’根部磷含量,根部活力和切花鮮重下降。 在三個試驗中,無論是鈣肥濃度,磷肥濃度或不同氮源比例氮肥均不能有效的提昇火鶴花切花耳部鈣含量。
This study aims to observe the effect on supplying different concentrations of calcium and phosphorous fertilizers and nitrogen ratio fertilizers on flower growth and postharvest quality of Anthurium andraeanum `Tropical’. The results of this study suggest that supplying 90ppm calcium fertilize has the best growth rate of leaf area and the most total soluble sugar(TSS) content of cut flower. On the nitrogen experiment, supplying NH4+:NO3-=1:6 nitrogen fertilizer has the best growth rate of leaf area; supplying NH4+:NO3-=1:4 nitrogen fertilizer has the most TSS content. Although supplying 90ppm calcium fertilizer and NH4+/NO3-=1/6 nitrogen fertilizer have the best growth rate of leaf area, both of them have poor growth rate of flower. According to these results, higher growth rate of leaf area causes lower growth rate of flower. On the phosphorus experiment,phosphorus deficiency causes the decrease of phosphorus content of root, root activity, and fresh weight of flower。Among these three experiments, each of them cannot promote the calcium content in lobe and the vase life.
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