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標題: 蓮霧葉片生理及氯化鉀處理之影響
Physiology and Effects of Potassium Chloride Treatment on Wax Apple (Syzgium samaragense Merr. et. perry.)
作者: 陳雁華
Chen, Yan-Hwa
關鍵字: wax apple
出版社: 園藝學系
摘要: 果實發育期間,果農利用氯化鉀以抑制營養生長,間接促進果實的甜度與 色澤,但若使用不當,會造成蓮霧的鹽分逆境。本實驗就是研究氯化鉀處 理對蓮霧葉片形態和生理的影響。蓮霧葉片經過8g/l氯化鉀處理三天後, 成熟葉有壞疽和焦枯症狀產生;處理天數增加為六天時,4g/l和8g/l的氯 化鉀均會使蓮霧新葉和老葉出現壞疽或乾枯現象。氯化鉀處理會使蓮霧葉 片內的鉀含量上升,處理天數愈多葉片內的鉀含量愈高,但對鎂和鈣含量 沒有影響。澱粉含量則是隨氯化鉀濃度的增加而減少,相反地,還原糖含 量會上升;當處理天數增加時,會使葉片內的全可溶性糖含量下降。氯化 鉀濃度對葉片的游離胺基酸及可溶性蛋白質含量沒有影響,但處理天數愈 久,會促使游離胺基酸含量上升,可溶性蛋白質含量下降。 2g/l氯化鉀 處理後,葉片的TTC 還原反應值會比對照高,但4g/l和8g/l氯化鉀反而使 葉片的TTC 活性下降;同時處理天數增加,TTC 活性愈低。氯化鉀處理後 ,葉片的滲透潛勢下降;氯化鉀濃度愈高,滲透潛勢愈低。此外,氯化鉀 處理也使葉片的滲漏程度增加,處理天數和濃度的增加,均使滲漏情形加 重。
Some wax apple farmers use potassium chloride as a stress measurement to suppress vegetative growth and thus increase fruit quality. The treatment, however, occasionally causes severe injury to both trees and fruits. This study was initiated to investigate the effects of potassium chloride on the morphology and physiology of wax apple leaves. The mature leaves had necrotic lesions and burning symptom after being treated with potassium chloride at 8g/l for three days. Both young and mature leaves treated with either 4g/l or 8g/l had severe symptoms when treated for 6 days. Leaf potassium concentrations increased in accordance to the treated KCl concentratiocs and duration. The concentrations of calcium and magnesium in wax apple leaves were not affected by the treatments. Starch and total soluble sugar concentrations decreased in response to the increased KCl concentrations and treatment dates, respectively. While reducing sugar concentrations increased following the increase of KCl concentrations. Leaf free amino acid and soluble protein concen- trations were not affected by KCl treatments. However, free amino acid wax on the increase and soluble protein decrease when the treatment date was extended. Low KCl concentration stimulated TTC reaction while high KCl concentrations, 4g/l and 8g/l, reduced TTC activity in wax apple leaves. Leaf osmotic potential decreased with increasing treatment concentration. The severity of impaired membrance integrity was found to be proportional to the enhancement of KCl concentration and treatment duration as indicated by the leakage test.
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