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標題: 滲調處理與PEG滲調處理對萵苣種子高溫發芽之影響
Effects of Hydro- and PEG-priming on the Lettuce(Lactuca sativa Seeds Germination at High Temperature
作者: 黃欣璟
Huang, Hsing-Gen
關鍵字: lettuce
出版社: 園藝學系
摘要: 萵苣'平葉'品種種子於25℃下浸潤至第6小時為種子急速吸水期且種子水 分含量隨時間而增加,第6∼10小時屬吸水停滯期,浸潤第12小時種子已 發芽,此時種子水分含量為47.7%。25℃下浸潤6小時後經20℃處理1天之 種子可明顯的克服萵苣種子的熱抑制現象,在回乾與未回乾的種子於34℃ 之發芽率分別為96.4%與98.3%,未經浸潤處理之種子發芽率則近於0%。 利用 PEG-1.0MPa於10、15及20℃下分別滲調處理1、2及3天的種子,不論 是在20或34℃下均可使萵苣種子有最好的發芽率。對大部分的滲調處理種 子,回乾明顯的減損種子於高溫(34℃)環境下之發芽能力,各滲調處理間 以 PEG-1.0MPa於15℃下處理3天之種子在34℃下發芽率可達89.3%。貯藏 時間明顯的影響種子活力,滲調處理間只有以PEG-1.0MPa於20℃下處理3 天之種子在貯藏6週後發芽率能維持80.7%,但貯藏時間對滲調處理種子 於20℃之發芽率則影響較少,各滲調處理種子之發芽率都達94%以上。滲 調處理可促進萵苣於高溫下之生長,用PEG-1.0MPa於15℃下處理3天之種 子,在萌芽後35天之株高、鮮重、乾重及葉面積等生長性狀上均高於未經 滲調處理者。
The sixth hour after imbibition was the rapid absorbtion stage of lettuce seed cv. Flat Leaf and seed moisture content increased in course of time. From the sixth to tenth hour was the lag phase and seeds were germinated at the twelfth hour after imbibition with the moisture content of 47.7﹪. Six hours imbibition at 25℃ then transfered to 20℃ for one day could overcome the thermoinhibition of seeds. Germination percentage of drying and undrying seeds were 96.4 and 98.3﹪ respectively, in comparision to nearly zero for seeds without imbibition treatment. Priming seeds with PEG-1.0MPa at 10,15 and 20℃ for 1, 2 and 3 days showed good germination either at 20 or 34℃. Most of drying-back priming seeds had lower germination rate at temperature of 34℃. Seed treated with PEG-1.0MPa at 15℃ for 3 days had the highest germination of 89.3﹪ at 34℃.Seeds vigor were not affected by time of storage and all treated seeds showed more than 94﹪in seed germination at 20℃. Seed germination percentage was significantly decreased at 34℃.The best treatment was 20℃ for 3 days with PEG-1.0MPa which had germination of 80.7﹪after 6 weeks of storage. Priming treatment could enhance growth of lettuce in high temperature. Seeds treated with PEG-1.0MPa for 3 days at 15℃ showed better growth in plant height, fresh weight, dry weight and leaf area after 35 days of emergence.
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