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標題: 蜜紅葡萄果實軟化原因之探討
Studies on the Fruit Softening Factor of Honey Red Grape
作者: 吳奕儒
Ru, Wu Yih
關鍵字: Honey Red grape

出版社: 園藝學系
摘要: 為探討蜜紅葡萄果實軟化的原因,本研究利用夏、冬季二收的不同品種葡 萄為材料,除了歐美雜交四倍體的蜜紅外,尚包括比較用品種巨峰、高墨 及龍寶,歐美雜交種二倍體的金香以及歐洲種二倍體的義大利葡萄。由調 查分析果實之發育及其水分含量、糖度、酸度、硬度、果膠、PG及 PME 酵素活性、鉀、鈣、及鎂含量及細胞數等結果發現軟化的現象以夏季第一 收較為嚴重,不同品種間以歐洲種二倍體的義大利品種硬度為最高,其次 是歐美雜交四倍體之巨峰及高墨,而以歐美雜交二倍體之金香及四倍體之 蜜紅、龍寶為最低,而蜜紅葡萄果實軟化的主要原因係來自金香品種之遺 傳特性,果實在發育時橫及縱徑的增加並沒有配合鮮重的增加使果肉細胞 受擠壓、果實對鈣的吸收無法配合鮮重的增加使果肉的鈣含量下降而影響 細胞的穩定性、果肉細胞層數較少果實肥大後果肉細胞呈較鬆散狀、總果 膠質含量較低無法使果肉細胞處於安定狀態、PG及PME 酵素同時作用且保 持於高活性狀態使果膠質易分解而使細胞失去穩定性。
In order to find out the factors of berry softening of Honey Red grape(Vitis viniferaVitis labrusca L. cv. Honey Red), the same tetraploid hybride varieties Kyoho, Takasumi, Ryuho, the diploid hybride variety of Golden Muscat, and the diploid Vinifera variety Italia IP 65 were used as material in this study. The development of grape berries, the water content, total souble solid, acidity, firmness, potassium, calcium, and magnesium concentration, and cell number of berry had been investigated. It was found that the softening of berries were more serious in the first harvest of summer grape. The firmness of berries had the highest level in Italia IP 65, next in Kyoho and Takasumi, and the lower level were appeared in Golden Muscat , Honey Red and Ryuho. It seemed that the softening characterics of berries of Honey Red was inherented from Golden Muscat. Four factors of berry softening for Honey Red grape were considerated as below: 1. The cells of Berry were squeezed during its developed period, because the growth of berry in width and length did not accompany with the increase of fresh weight. 2. The structure between cells was unstable, because the absorption of calcium did not accompany with berry growth. 3. The number of cell layer of berry was fewer in this variety , the structure between cells became more loosen. 4. The lower level of total pectin and higher activity of PG and PME enzymes.
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