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標題: 枇杷莖頂組織培養之研究
Studies on Shoot Tip Culture of Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica Lindl.) in Vitro
作者: 王珠容
Wamg, Chu-Jung
關鍵字: Loquat
Shoot tip culture
出版社: 園藝學系
摘要: 本研究採用台灣之主要栽培枇杷之茂木品種(Eriobotrya japonica Lindl. cv. Mogi)為試驗材料,探討培養基組成及培養方法對莖頂培養成活之影響,以求建立一可行之微體繁殖方法。 在茂木枇杷夏梢生長時期,採取5cm頂部,切取約0.5mm大小帶2片葉原體之生長點,植入1/2MS添加1mg/l BA,30gl蔗糖及7g/l洋菜之固態培養基進行初代培養,經30日培養後移植於相同配方濃度之固態培養基繼續培養,可促進培植體生長。 培植體經初代培養後移至增殖培養基中培養,以MS添加BA4mg/l,蔗糖30g/l及8g/l洋菜之培養基中30日可獲得增殖之芽體,再將增殖培養所獲得之芽體移至MS添加BA2mg/l,10g/l蔗糖及8g/l洋菜或kinetin 0.5mg/l添加30g/l蔗糖及8g/l洋菜之培養基進行培養,以促進枝梢伸長。 經柚梢培養所得20mm之枝梢扦插於含IBA10mg/l,蔗糖20g/l及洋菜8g/l之1/2MS培養基中暗處理培養7日後,移至auxin-free培養基培養23日,可獲得發根小苗。
Shoot tip culture of the loquat (Eriobotrya japonica Lindl.)was studied, the optimal micropropagation condieions for culture establishment,shoot proliferation and shoot rooting were investigated. Shoot tip were harvested about 5cm in length from summer shoots and shoot apices excised 0.5mm for initial culture.The best grown was achieved when shoot apices cultured on solid medium with 1/2 strength of Mrashige and Skoog (MS) containing BA 1 mg/l,sucrose 30 g/l and agar 7 g/l for 30 days.These explants were transferred to the same component solid medium for further growth. Multiple shoot were induced by MS medium containing BA 4 mg/l, sucrose 30 g/l and agar 8 g/l for 30 days.For elongation of these young shoots,MS medium supplemented with BA 2 mg/l,sucrose 10 g/l and agar 8 g/l or surcose 30 g/l and agar 8 g/l plus kinetin 0.5 mg/l gave a good response. For rooting, the shots grew above 20 mm in hight , were placed on 1/2 MS medium with IBA 10 mg/l , surcose 20 g/l and agar 8 g/l and incubated in darkness for 7 days , then transplanted to an auxin-free 1/2 MS medium for 23 days.
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