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標題: 菇類貨櫃栽培技術之研究
Study on mushroom cultivation in cargo container
作者: 劉兆烘
Liu, Chao-Hong
關鍵字: mushroom
cargo container
出版社: 園藝學系
摘要: 試驗結果顯示,無論栽培洋菇或杏鮑菇,空調貨櫃菇舍前、中、後段不同區位,及不同層別間之產量、產菇及生物效率等各項出菇特性均無顯著差異,顯示空調貨櫃菇舍環控均一性極佳,環控設備可確實管控溫度、相對濕度及二氧化碳等各項影響菇類生長之因子。空調貨櫃菇舍栽培洋菇之平均產量為50.62公斤/坪、生物效率為65.2﹪,均高於一般空調菇舍之41.72公斤/坪及48.2﹪。而以相同的栽培基質置於空調貨櫃菇舍與傳統菇舍中栽培杏鮑菇,空調貨櫃菇舍三種栽培基質之平均產量、產菇及生物效率分別為174.2克/瓶、74.4﹪及68.4﹪,均高於傳統菇舍之117.6克/瓶、50.2﹪及46.1﹪。此外,空調貨櫃菇舍洋菇栽培試驗之栽培期為八十七年五至八月間,杏鮑菇栽培試驗之栽培期為八十七年六月至八十八年五月間,均顯示可在本省夏季高溫期間栽培,即使冬季期間栽培,產量亦比一般無空調傳統菇舍栽培結果顯著增加。
The experimental results showed that the yield, fruiting and biological efficiency of the both mushroom species cultivated in the front, middle and rear parts and also at different shelves were not significantly different indicating the uniformity of environmental factors in the container. It proved that the humidity, temperature and carbon dioxide concentration in the container can be well controlled with the air-conditioning facilities designed and installed by the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute. Both average yield and biological efficiency of the common white mushroom grown in the cargo container installed with air conditioning facilities were higher than those of the same mushroom species grown in the conventional mushroom house installed only with a temperature controlling equipment. The average yield and biological efficiency were 15.3 kg/m2 and 65.2% in the former case, while 12.6 kg/m2 and 48.2% in the latter one. When growing the king oyster mushroom the yield, fruiting and biological efficiency grown in the container from June 1998 to May 1999 were 174.2 g/bottle, 74.4% and 68.4% respectively, while those grown in the traditional mushroom house without an air conditioning facility were 117.6 g/bottle, 50.2% and 46.1% respectively. According the above experimental results it is concluded that the modified environmentally controlled cargo container can be used for growing both the above two mushroom species in hot seasons. Besides, even in the cold seasons the yield of the king oyster mushroom obtained in the containers was higher than that in the conventional plastic mushroom house showing the suitability of the modified container to mushroom cultivation.
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