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12006Age-stage, two-sex life tables of Aphidius gifuensis (Ashmead) (Hymenoptera : Braconidae) and its host Myzus persicae (Sulzer) (Homoptera : Aphididae) with mathematical proof of the relationship between female fecundity and the net reproductive rateChi, H.; 齊 心; Su, H.Y.-
22005Determination of bromide ion residues in broccoli after fumigation with methyl bromide by nonsuppressed ion-chromatographyHuang, H.C.; 杜武俊; Lai, S.F.; Liu, Y.C.; Chen, H.Y.; Tu, W.C.; 劉永銓-
32006Induction of cysteine proteinase in the encapsulation of Hymenolepis diminuta eggs in the American cockroach, Periplaneta americanaTu, W.C.; 杜武俊; Lai, S.C.-
42010Phylogeny of Glaucosomatidae inferred from molecular evidenceLiu, S.H.; 葉文斌; Yeh, W.B.; Mok, H.K.-
52009A contribution to the Cicadidae fauna of Vietnam (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha), with one new species and twenty new recordsThai, P.H.; 楊正澤; Yang, J.T.-
62001Mogoplistidae (Orthoptera : Grylloidea) of Taiwan with lectotype designations of Shiraki's speciesYang, J.T.; 楊正澤; Yen, F.S.-
71999Preliminary notes on the three Cecidomyiidae (Diptera) galls on Machilus thunbergii Hayata (Lauraceae) in the Guandaushi forest of central TaiwanYang, S.Y.; 楊正澤; Yang, J.T.; Chen, M.Y.-
82001Morphology and character evaluation of scales in scaly crickets (Orthoptera : Grylloidea : Mogoplistidae)Yang, J.T.; 楊正澤; Yen, F.S.-
92010A new cicada species (Hemiptera: Cicadidae), with a key to the species of the genus Euterpnosia Matsumura, 1917 from VietnamPham, H.T.; 楊正澤; Ta, H.T.; Yang, J.T.-
111998Lectotypes designation and notes on Dr. T. Shiraki's types of the genus Loxoblemmus Saussure (Orthoptera : gryllidae)Yang, J.T.; 楊正澤-
122004Genetic differentiation of Loxoblemmus appendicularis complex (Orthoptera : Gryllidae): Speciation through vicariant and glaciation eventsYeh, W.B.; 楊正澤; Chang, Y.L.; Lin, C.H.; Wu, F.S.; Yang, J.T.; 葉文斌-
132007Time deficiency of photosynthetic pigment-protein complexes CP1, A1, AB1, and AB2 in two cecidomyiid galls derived from Machilus thunbergii leavesYang, C.M.; 楊曼妙; Yang, M.M.; Huang, M.Y.; Hsu, J.M.; Jane, W.N.-
142007Diversity, richness, and patterns of radiation among gall-inducing psyllids (Hemiptera : Psylloidea) in the orient and eastern PalearcticYang, M.M.; 楊曼妙; Raman, A.-
152006A novel guanylyl cyclase receptor, BdmGC-1, is highly expressed during the development of the oriental fruit fly Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel)Chang, J.C.; 路光暉; Yang, R.B.; Chen, Y.H.; Lu, K.H.-
162008Temperature-dependent development and demography of Scymnus subvillosus (Coleoptera : Coccinellidae) reared on Hyalopterus pruni (Homoptera : Aphididae)Atlihan, R.; 齊 心; Chi, H.-
172005External male genitalia of the Miridae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera)Lin, Cheng-Shing; Yang, Chung-Tu
181995台灣大蟋蟀(Licht.)(直翅目:蟋蟀科)之形態學與聲學特性Yang, J.Z.; C.T.Yang-
191994台灣的Ameletus屬三新種(蜉蝣目:短絲蜉蝣科)Kang, S.C.; C.T.Yang-
201976Discussion on Scientific Name of theRice Weevil.Yang, Chung-Tu-
211996Antennal sensory plaque organs of Fulgoridae (Homoptera: Fulgoroidea).Cheng, C.L.; C.T.Yang-
221994The nymph of Isonychia formosana (Ulmer,1912)( Ephemeroptera: Oligoneuridae).Kang, S.C.; C.T.Yang-
231980On the immature stages of nine psyllid type-species from Taiwan (Homoptera: Psyllidae).Yang, C.T.; Tsay, C.I-
241990The male genitalia of two Achilidae from Taiwan.Yang, J.T.; C.T.Yang-
251967A new and an unrecorded species of Micronecta, with a key to Taiwanese species.Yang, C.T.-
261986Meenoplidae of Taiwan (Homoptera: Fulgoroidea).Tsaur, S.C.; C.T.Yang-
272012A SCAR-Based Method for Rapid Identification of Four Major Lepidopterous Stored-Product PestsYAO, ME-CHI; CHANG, SHU-CHEN; LEE, CHI-YANG; KUANG-HUI, LU; Wei Chun Wang-
282012Inheritance and stability of sodium channel mutations associated with permethrin knockdown resistance in Aedes aegyptiChang, Cheng; Huang, Xin-Yi; Chang, Pin-Chun; Wu, Huai-Hui; Dai, Shu-Mei; Wei Chun Wang-
292012A new cicada species of the genus Purana Distant, 1905 (Hemiptera: Cicadidae), with a key to the Purana species from VietnamPHAM, HONG-THAI; SCHOUTEN, MARIEKE; YANG, JENG-TZE; Wei Chun Wang-
301997從立線體去氧核糖核酸序列鑑定蜉蝣屬(蜉蝣目:蜉蝣科)同胞種Ephemera formosana 及 E. sauteriYeh, W.B.; C.T.Yang-
311986Collected Papers on Homoptera of TaiwanYang, Chung-Tu; Yang, Jeng-Tze; Tsaur, Shun-Chern; Michael, R.Wilson; Fang, Shang-Jen; Yang, Man-Miao; Chao, Jung-Tai-
321996台灣產四節蜉蝣屬(蜉蝣目:四節蜉蝣科)兩新種Kang, S.C.; C.T.Yang-
331996菱飛蝨科的觸角第 二突起(同翅目:蠟蟬總科)Shih, H.T.; C.T.Yang-
341995The genus Mitius Gorochov (Orthoptera: Gryllidae) from Taiwan.Yang, J.Z.; C.T.Yang-
351994Leptophlebiidae of Taiwan (Ephemeroptera).Kang, S.C.; C.T.Yang-
362010Genetic Differentiation of Troides aeacus formosanus (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae), Based on Cytochrome Oxidase I Sequences and Amplified Fragment Length PolymorphismWu, I.H.; 葉文斌; Yang, P.S.; Liu, C.Y.; Yeh, W.B.-
372004Elevation of plasminogen activators in cerebrospinal fluid of mice with eosinophilic meningitis caused by Angiostrongylus cantonensisHou, R.F.; 杜武俊; Tu, W.C.; Lee, H.H.; Chen, K.M.; Chou, H.L.; Lai, S.C.-
382001Theories, computer models, and sustainable futuresChi, H.; 齊 心-
392009Prey Selection by Breeding Brown Dippers Cinclus pallasii in a Taiwanese Mountain StreamChiu, M.C.; 郭美華; Kuo, M.H.; Tzeng, C.S.; Yang, C.H.; Chen, C.C.; Sun, Y.H.-
402009Soil Fertility Management and Pest Responses: A Comparison of Organic and Synthetic FertilizationHsu, Y.T.; 黃紹毅; Shen, T.C.; Hwang, S.Y.-
412002Application of cecidomyiid galls to the systematics of the genus Machilus (Lauraceae) in TaiwanYang, S.Y.; 楊正澤; Chen, M.Y.; Yang, J.T.-
422007A new species, Coleotroctellus huisunensis (Psocoptera : Troctopsocidae), from Taiwan, with a key to species of ColeotroctellusChan, M.L.; 楊正澤; Yang, J.T.-
432008An adaptive image segmentation algorithm for X-ray quarantine inspection of selected fruitsJiang, J.A.; 楊曼妙; Chang, H.Y.; Wu, K.H.; Ouyang, C.S.; Yang, M.M.; Yang, E.C.; Chen, T.W.; Lin, T.T.-
442003Herbivorous insect causes deficiency of pigment-protein complexes in an oval-pointed cecidomyiid gall of Machilus thunbergii leafYang, C.M.; 楊曼妙; Yang, M.M.; Hsu, J.M.; Jane, W.N.-
452010Palaearctic oak gallwasps galling oaks (Quercus) in the section Cerris: re-appraisal of generic limits, with descriptions of new genera and species (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae: Cynipini)Melika, G.; 楊曼妙; Pujade-Villar, J.; Abe, Y.; Tang, C.T.; Nicholls, J.; Wachi, N.; Ide, T.; Yang, M.M.; Penzes, Z.; Gyorgy, C.; Stone, G.N.-
462009Molecular Differentiation and Diversity of Forcipomyia taiwana (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) Based on the Mitochondrial Cytochrome Oxidase II SequenceYeh, W.B.; 葉文斌; Lee, H.M.; Tu, W.C.; Tang, L.C.; Lee, P.Y.-
472005Life table and predation of Lemnia biplagiata (Coleoptera : Coccinellidae) fed on Aphis gossypii (Homoptera : Aphididae) with a proof on relationship among gross reproduction rate, net reproduction rate, and preadult survivorshipYu, J.Z.; 齊 心; Chi, H.; Chen, B.H.-
482011CDNA cloning and characterization of S6 kinase and its effect on yolk protein gene expression in the oriental fruit fly Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel)Suganya, R.; 路光暉; Chen, S.L.; Lu, K.H.-
491989台灣飛蝨總科(=蠟蟬總科)論文集Yang, Chung-Tu; Wu, Rong-Hwa; Michael, R.Wilson; Chen, Chun-Liang; Yang, Jeng-Tze; Fang, Shang-Jen; Chan, Meei-Ling-
501971Notes on the species of genus Pseudoscymnus from Taiwan (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae).Yang, C.T.-
Results 1-50 of 178 (Search time: 0.011 seconds).