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12000(Journal of General Virology,81:235-242)A minimum length of N gene sequence in transgenic plants is required for RNA-mediated tospovirus resistanceJan, Fuh-Jyh; Fagoaga, F.; Pang, S. Z.; Gonsalves, D.; 中興大學植物病理學系
22006(Plant Disease,90:1112)A New Natural Host of Lisianthus necrosis virus in TaiwanChen,Y. K.; Jan, Fuh.-Jyh; Chen, C. C.; Hsu, H. T.; 中興大學植物病理學系
32003(Plant Pathology Bulletin,12: 122-132)Identification of a tobamovirus causing yellow mottle and stunting symptoms on lisianthus in TaiwanJan, Fuh-Jyh; Zheng, Y. X.; Chao, C. H.; Ko, W. F; Chang, C. C.; Chen, C. C.; 中興大學植物病理學系
42008(Plant Pathology,57:408-416)Molecular characterization of the CP gene and the 3 UTR of Chilli veinal mottle virus from South and Southeast AsianTsai, W. S.; Huang, Y. C.; Zhang, D.; Reddy, K.; Hidayat, S. H.; Srithongchai, W.; Green, S. K.; Jan, Fuh-Jyh; 中興大學植物病理學系
52006(Plant Disease,90:247)Molecular characterization of pepper yellow leaf curl Indonesia virus in leaf curl and yellowing diseased tomato and pepper in IndonesiaTsai, W. S.; Shih, S. L.; Green, S. K.; Rauf, A.; Hidayat, S. H.; Jan, Fuh-Jyh; 中興大學植物病理學系
61999(Transgenic Research,08:203-213)Turnip mosaic potyvirus resistance in Nicotiana benthamiana derived by post-transcriptional gene silencingJan, Fuh-Jyh; Pang, S. Z.; Fagoaga, F.; Gonsalves, D.; 中興大學植物病理學系
72008(European Journal of Plant Pathology,120:199-209)Identification and characterization of a tospovirus causing chlorotic ringspots on Phalaenopsis orchidsZheng, Y. X; Chen, C. C.; Yang, C. J.; Yeh, S. D.; Jan, Fuh-Jyh; 中興大學植物病理學系
82003(Plant Pathology Bulletin,12:199-208)Isolation and characterization of Carnation mottle virus from carnationChen, C. C.; Lin, C, Y.; Ko, W. F.; Jan, Fuh-Jyh; 中興大學植物病理學系
92003(Plant Disease,87:1537)Identification of Tomato mosaic virus infection in lisianthus in TaiwanJan, Fuh-Jyh; Chen, C. C.; Hsu, H. T.; 中興大學植物病理學系
102005(動植物防疫檢疫季刊第05期,p055p-057)生物技術在植物疫病防檢疫之應用呂昀陞; 詹富智; 曾國欽; 中興大學植物病理學系
112005(Plant Pathology Bulletin,14:159-176)Current development of the strategies for generating marker-free transgenic plantsLin, C, Y.; Jan, Fuh-Jyh; 中興大學植物病理學系
122000(Molecular Breeding,06:087-093)Resistance to squash mosaic comovirus in transgenic squash plants expressing its coat protein genesPang, S. Z.; Jan, Fuh-Jyh; Tricoli, D. M.; Russell, P. F.; Carney, K. J.; Hu, J. S.; Fuchs, M.; Quemada, H. D.; Gonsalves, D.; 中興大學植物病理學系
131999(In Vitro Cellular&Developmental Biology Plant,35:061-069)A protocol for efficient transformation and regeneration of Carica papaya L.Cai, W.; Gonsalves, C.; Tennant, P.; Fermin, G.; Souza, M.; Sarindu, N.; Jan, Fuh-Jyh; Zhu, H. Y.; Gonsalves, D.; 中興大學植物病理學系
141996(The Plant Journal,09:899-909)Post-transcriptional transgene silencing and consequent tospovirus resistance in transgenic lettuce are affected by transgene dosage and plant developmentPang, S.- Z.; Jan, Fuh-Jyh; Carney, K.; Stout, J.; Tricoli, D. M.; Quemada, H. D.; Gonsalves, D.; 中興大學植物病理學系
152000(Journal of General Virology,81:2299-2306)Evidence that resistance in squash mosaic comovirus coat protein-transgenic plants is affected by plant developmental stage and enhanced by combination of transgenes from different linesJan, Fuh-Jyh; Pang, S. Z.; Tricoli, D. M.; Gonsalves, D.; 中興大學植物病理學系
162007(European Journal of Plant Pathology,118:333-348)Genetic analysis of an attenuated Papaya ringspot virus strain applied for cross protectionChiang, C. H.; Lee, C. Y.; Wang, C. H.; Jan, Fuh-Jyh; Lin, S. S.; Chen, T. C.; Raja, J. A. J.; Yeh S. D; 中興大學植物病理學系
172007(Plant Disease,91:1363)First report of Tomato yellow leaf curl Thailand virus in TaiwanJan, Fuh-Jyh; Green, S. K.; Shih, S. L.; Lee, L. M.; Ito, H.; Kimbara, J.; Hosoi, K.; Tsai, W. S; 中興大學植物病理學系
182002(Horticulture NCHU,27:025-035)The growth of tissue culture seedling in Hengshan pearKuo, A. J.; Jan, Fuh-Jyh; Yang, Y. S.; 中興大學植物病理學系
191996(Acta Horticulturae,431:427-431)Developing transgenic crops that are resistant to tospovirusesGonsalves, D.; Pang, S. Z.; Gonsalves, C.; Xue, B.; Yepes, M.; Jan, Fuh-Jyh.; 中興大學植物病理學系
202003(The Journal of Biological Chemistry,278:17701-17709)Amyloid-like fibril formation in an all beta -barrel protein-partially structured intermediate state(s) is a precursor for fibril formationSrisailam, S.; Kumar, T.K.S.; Rajalingam, D.; Kathir, K.M.; Sheu, H. S.; Jan, Fuh-Jyh; Chao, P. C.; Yu, C.; 中興大學植物病理學系
212000(Journal of General Virology,81:2103-2109)A single chimeric transgene derived from two distinct viruses confers multi-virus resistance in transgenic plants through homology-dependent gene silencingJan, Fuh-Jyh; Fagoaga, F.; Pang, S. Z.; Gonsalves, D.; 中興大學植物病理學系
222003(Plant Pathology Bulletin,12:010-018)Detection of Apple stem grooving and Apple chlorotic leaf spot viruses by the method of reverse transcription-polymerase chain reactionJan, Fuh-Jyh; Wu, Z. B.; Kuo, A. J.; Zheng, Y. X.; Chang, H. H.; Su, C. C.; Yang, Y. S.; 中興大學植物病理學系
232001(Journal of General Virology,82:2827-2836)Comparative reactions of recombinant papaya ringspot viruses with chimeric coat protein (CP) genes and wild-type viruses on CP-transgenic papayaChiang, C. H.; Wang, J. J.; Jan, Fuh-Jyh; Yeh, S. D.; Gonsalves, D.; 中興大學植物病理學系
241992(Journal of General Virology,73:2531-2541)Complete nucleotide sequence and genetic organization of papaya ringspot virus RNAYeh, S. D.; Jan, Fuh-Jyh; Chiang, C. H.; Doong, T. J.; Chen, M. C., Chung, P. H.; Bau, H. J.; 中興大學植物病理學系
252003(Plant Disease,87:1539)First report of Carnation mottle virus in Calla lily (Zantedeschia spp.)Chen, C. C.; Ko, W. F.; Lin, C. Y.; Jan, Fuh-Jyh; Hsu, H. T.; 中興大學植物病理學系
262006(Plant Disease,90:831)Molecular characterization of a distinct tomato-infecting begomovirus associated with yellow leaf curl diseased tomato in Lembang, Java Island of IndonesiaTsai, W. S.; Shih, S. L.; Green, S. K.; Jan, Fuh-Jyh; 中興大學植物病理學系
272008(European Journal of Plant Pathology,121:087-095)Identification and characterization of a potyvirus causing chlorotic spots on Phalaenopsis orchidsZheng, Y. X.; Chen, C. C.; Chen, Y. K.; Jan, Fuh-Jyh; 中興大學植物病理學系
281995(Phytopathology,85:064-071)Purification, in situ localization,and comparative serological properties of passionfruit woodiness virus-encoded amorphous inclusion protein and two other virus proteinsJan, Fuh-Jyh; Yeh, S. D.; 中興大學植物病理學系-
292007(Crop,Environment&Bioinformatics,04:065-076)Tagging rice drought-related QTL with SSR DNA markersLin, M. H.; Lin, C. W.; Chen, J. C.; Lin, Y. C.; Cheng, S. Y.; Liu,T. H.; Jan, Fuh-Jyh; Wu, S. T.; Thseng, F. S.; Ku H. M.; 中興大學植物病理學系
302007(Phytopathology,97:287-296)Modifications of the helper component-protease of Zucchini yellow mosaic for generation of attenuated mutants for cross protection against severe infectionLin, S. S.; Wu, H. W.; Jan, Fuh-Jyh; Hou, R. F.; Yeh, S. D.; 中興大學植物病理學系
311997(Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA,94:8261-8266)Nontarget DNA sequences reduce the transgene length necessary for RNA-mediated tospovirus resistance in transgenic plantsPang, S. Z.; Jan, Fuh-Jyh; Gonsalves, D.; 中興大學植物病理學系
322007(Plant Disease,91:907)Occurrence and molecular characterization of Squash leaf curl Phillipines begomovirus in TaiwanTsai, W. S.; Shih, S. L.; Green, S. K.; Jan, Fuh-Jyh; 中興大學植物病理學系
332007(農業世界雜誌第282卷,p019-p023)薊馬傳播病毒診斷工具之開發與應用鄭尤琇; 陳宗祺; 葉錫東; 詹富智; 中興大學植物病理學系-
341996染色體圖譜之建立(II)溫福賢; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學植物病理學系-
351994台灣馬鈴薯X病毒群(Potexvirus Group)之調查與鑑定紀, 陳; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學植物病理學系-
36-設施蔬菜作物病蟲害防治行政院農業委員會; 中興大學植物病理學系-
371995噬菌體對柑桔潰瘍病的抑制效果吳文川; 行政院農業委員會; 中興大學植物病理學系-
382001利用基因消寂機制發展抗多種病毒之轉基因植物詹富智; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學植物病理學系-
391995感染本省萵苣之花椰菜嵌紋病毒之研究(I)-生物、物理及化學性狀之測定及抗血清之製備紀, 陳; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學植物病理學系-
401994梨輪紋病之發生生態與防治研究柯勇; 行政院農業委員會; 中興大學植物病理學系-
411994可用於檢定柑桔潰瘍病菌之噬菌體的特性吳文川; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學植物病理學系-
422006廣泛性抗多種全球重要性病毒(Cucumoviruses, Tospoviruses, and Geminiviruses)轉基因番茄之開發-廣泛性抗多種蕃茄斑萎病毒屬病毒轉基因番茄之開發(II)詹富智; 葉錫東; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學植物病理學系-
431996梨病蟲害綜合防治曆之釐定與評估柯勇; 呂理燊; 何坤耀; 洪士程; 鄭明發; 行政院農業委員會; 中興大學植物病理學系-
442001薊馬傳播番茄斑萎病毒屬主要血清型廣泛性及專一性診斷工具之開發詹富智; 葉錫東; 行政院農業委員會; 中興大學植物病理學系-
452006番茄斑萎病毒屬逆向遺傳系統之構築(III)詹富智; 葉錫東; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學植物病理學系-
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