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標題: 台灣產菱蝗亞科(直翅目:菱蝗科)
Tetriginae (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae) from Taiwan
作者: Tsai, Ming-Yu
關鍵字: 台灣
出版社: 昆蟲學系
摘要: Tetriginae is a worldwide-distributed subfamily. It comprised 7 genera and 18 species in Taiwan before. The materials were collected from 305 localities in Taiwan and its adjacent offshore islands during 3 years. According to the morphological characters, 6 genera and 11 species were found in this study. The morphological characters such as the position of frontal costa, relative position of eyes and pronotum in lateral view, ratio of vertex and eye in width, ratio of width and length of prozona etc. were used for the taxonomy. In this study, a new species, Alulatettix lansuensis n. sp., and the genus, Alulatettix, Liang, 1993 are newly recorded to Taiwan. The habitats of Tetriginae mainly are dark and moisture litters of different land-use types such as nature non man-power intensity areas, i.e. forests, wetlands, streamside, riverside, and man- power intensity areas i.e. rice fields, bamboo gardens, irrigation systems or garden patches. The key to genera and species, maps contain localities and altitudes of 11 species in Taiwan are also provided.
菱蝗亞科為世界廣布的亞科。台灣原有記錄7屬18種,本研究中在台灣本島及離島地區,共計305個採集點次。採集標本2135件及國內外商借之標本305件,分類結果發現6屬11種,包括1新紀錄屬 Alulatettix, Liang, 1993及1新種 Alulatettix lansuensis n. sp.。分類特徵包括額突之位置與形態、複眼與前胸背板相對位置、頭頂寬與複眼寬比及前胸背板溝前區之長寬比等形態特徵,菱蝗亞科之棲所經歸納主要為陰暗潮濕之落葉層,根據土地利用型的分類法,下列棲地較常見的有可分非人工密集地區,如森林、溼地、溪邊、河邊以及人工密集地區,如稻田、竹林、灌溉系統與花圃等。屬與種之檢索表以及此11種於台灣之海拔與分佈圖如文所附。
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