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標題: 臺灣產尖胸沫蟬科 (半翅目:沫蟬總科)之修訂
Revision of Aphrophoridae of Taiwan (Hemiptera: Cercopoidea)
作者: Shih, Hsien-Tzung
關鍵字: 尖胸沫蟬科
出版社: 昆蟲學系所
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摘要: 本研究是以形態學研究為基礎,對形態特徵進行修訂與探討,進而從事臺灣產尖胸沫蟬科的分類修訂。形態特徵修訂方面,發現以往所稱的中裂片 (tylus)與頭楯 (clypeus),分別為額區 (frons)背面與額區前面端部。除此,數個新特徵包括觸角鞭節錐狀感覺器、中足基節突起、後翅脈相、後足第一跗節的端刺列數、尾節背方突起、尾節腹緣突起、陽莖末端的突起,以及腹部第10節腹面突起等,均分別評估及探討其在不同類分類階層之適用性。在分類學研究方面,臺灣產尖胸沫蟬科,原有18屬80種,經修定後計有17屬78種,其中55種僅分布於臺灣,修訂內容包括:(1) 建立1新屬Paramesoptyelus與11個新種,分別為Aphrophora choui Shih and Yang sp. nov., Jembra taiwana Shih and Yang sp. nov., Hiraphora gloria Shih and Yang sp. nov., Hiraphora fuscata Shih and Yang sp. nov., Peuceptyelus decussatus Shih and Yang sp. nov., Peuceptyelus helvus Shih and Yang sp. nov., Peuceptyelus lini Shih and Yang sp. nov., Peuceptyelus nantouensis Shih and Yang sp. nov., Paramesoptyelus taiwanus Shih and Yang sp. nov., Mesoptyelus kenchini Shih and Yang sp. nov.與Mesoptyelus kuanae Shih and Yang sp. nov.;(2) 新組合計有4種,分別為Nokophora nokoensis Matsumura轉移至 Jembrana、Nagaclovia formosana Matsumura 轉移至Clovia、Ptyelus tamahonis Matsumura 轉移至Mesoptyelus與Ptyelus vittatus (Kato) 轉移至Mesoptyelus;(3) 屬級修訂共計3屬,Megafukia Matsumura、Nokophora Matsumura,Nagaclovia Matsumura分別為Aphropsis Metcalf and Horton, Jembrana Distant與Clovia Stål的同物異名;(4) 修訂6個種,Aphrophora kikuchii (Matsumura)為Aphrophora karenkoensis Kato的同物異名;Aphrophora arisanella (Matsumura)為Aphrophora taiwana Kato的同物異名;Megafukia gigas (Kato)為Aphropsis maxima (Jacobi)的同物異名;Jembrana arisanensis Chou and Liang為Jembrana nokoensis (Matsumura) 的同物異名;Mesoptyelus arisanus Matsumura為Mesoptyelus fascialis Kato的同物異名;Philagra kanoi Matsumura為Philagra arisana Kato的同物異名。(5) 2新記錄屬,Hiraphora Matsumura與 Sinophora Melichar。本文對部分特徵的演化系列分析,及若蟲寄主植物記錄與食性範圍,亦加以探討。在特徵分析方面,以臺灣產尖胸沫蟬15個屬的27個形態特徵,利用NTSYSpc 2.11w軟體進行相似性歸群分析,15屬可分為3群,其中1群為Clovia, Philagra, Poophilus, 與 Lepyronia等4個屬,由此可確定該4屬所代表的4個族,未來可以建議合併為1族。
The family Aphrophoridae of Taiwan was revised taxonomically based on morphological study. The result shows that the so called “tylus” and “clypeus” are located on the dorsal aspect of frons and frontal apex respectively based on anatomy. Besides, several structures could be useful for the diagnosis of different taxonomic ranks between the family, including basiconic sensillum of the flagellum, meracanthus of the midleg, venation of the hindwing, the number of rows of apical spines on the first tarsus, dorsal process of the pygofer, ventral process of the pygofer, aedeagus process in apex, and ventral process of the abdominal segment X. At the present study, 78 species of Aphrophoridae from Taiwan belonging to 17 genera are recognized, with 55 species considered endemic. One new genus and 11 new species are established, including Paramesoptyelus Shih and Yang gen. nov, Aphrophora choui Shih and Yang sp. nov., Jembra taiwana Shih and Yang sp. nov., Hiraphora gloria Shih and Yang sp. nov., Hiraphora fuscata Shih and Yang sp. nov., Peuceptyelus decussatus Shih and Yang sp. nov., Peuceptyelus helvus Shih and Yang sp. nov., Peuceptyelus lini Shih and Yang sp. nov., Peuceptyelus nantouensis Shih and Yang sp. nov., Paramesoptyelus taiwanus Shih and Yang sp. nov., Mesoptyelus kenchini Shih and Yang sp. nov., and Mesoptyelus kuanae Shih and Yang sp. nov. Nokophora nokoensis Matsumura is transferred to the genus Jembrana, Nagaclovia formosana Matsumura transferred to Clovia, Ptyelus tamahonis Matsumura transferred to Mesoptyelus, and Ptyelus vittatus Kato transferred to Mesoptyelus. The genera Megafukia Matsumura, Nokophora Matsumura, and Nagaclovia Matsumura are junior synonyms of Aphropsis Metcalf and Horton, Jembrana Distant, and Clovia Stål respectively. Aphrophora kikuchii (Matsumura) is a junior synonym of Aphrophora karenkoensis Kato. Aphrophora arisanella (Matsumura) is a junior synonyms of Aphrophora taiwana Kato. Megafukia gigas (Kato) is a junior synonym of Aphropsis maxima (Jacobi). Jembrana arisanensis Chou and Liang is a junior synonym of Jembrana nokoensis (Matsumura). Mesoptyelus arisanus Matsumura is a junior synonym of Mesoptyelus fascialis Kato. Philagra kanoi Matsumura is a junior synonym of Philagra arisana Kato. The genera Hiraphora Matsumura and Sinophora Melichar are recorded for the first time. A phenetic analysis of Aphrophoridae of Taiwan is conducted based on 27 characters and 15 aphrophorid genera. The preliminary result indicates that a group contained the genera Clovia, Philagra, Poophilus, and Lepyronia is well supported.
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