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標題: Revision on the Genus Velarifictorus (Orthoptera: Gryllidae) from Taiwan
作者: 廖一璋
Liao, Yi-Chang
出版社: 昆蟲學系所
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摘要: This is a revision work on the genus Velarifictorus Randell, 1964 with 4 species from Taiwan. It was recorded as 6 species distributed in Taiwan before. Specimens of 359 were collected from 295 localities in Taiwan during April 2008 to May 2010, and 38 specimens from Lab. of Taxonomy, 157 offsprings, totally 554 specimens. There are 2 new combination of Velarifictorus koshunensis (Shiraki, 1911) n. comb. and V. arisanicus (Shiraki, 1930) n. comb., revised by Yang (1993) also included in this study. Taxonomic characters evaluated by using covariance value as good characters for this revision work including (1) the morphological characters, such as transverse band between lateral ocelli, face length, pronotum height, tegmen; (2) the male genitaila, such as shape of median process of epiphallus and shape of ectoparamere; (3) the acoustic characters, such as chirp duration, chirp rate, pulse ratio, pulse rate and dominant frequency. The illustration, measurement and key of Velarifictorus from Taiwan were provided. The two species V. hemelytrus (Saussure, 1877) and V. grylloides (Chopard, 1969) were not collected in this period that also including this study, the original description and distribution were provided.
本研究乃台灣鬥蟋屬Velarifictorus Randell, 1964之分類修訂,台灣原紀錄6種。2008年4月至2010年6月期間,在台灣295採集點,採得標本共359件,以及分類室標本檢查38件、經飼育確定之標本157件,共檢查554件標本,共計4種,其中包括楊正澤1993年修訂之兩種新組合Velarifictorus koshunensis (Shiraki, 1911) n. comb.、V. arisanicus (Shiraki, 1930) n. comb.,另兩種為V. ornatus (Shiraki, 1930)、V. aspersus (Walker, 1869)。分類特徵包括(1)外部形態特徵,含側單眼連接橫帶、臉長、前胸背板高、前翅;(2)雄性生殖器特徵,含陽莖基背片之中央突起形式及把握器的形狀;(3)聲學特徵,含唧聲長度、唧聲率、脈衝比、脈衝率、主頻率等,各種之詳細附圖、測量表及檢索表均附上。研究期間未採集到V. hemelytrus (Saussure, 1877)及V. grylloides (Chopard, 1969),亦一併列入本文中,並附上其原始描述、分布等資訊。
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