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標題: 以生命表探討黃緣巧瓢蟲與桃蚜之捕食者與食餌關係
Predator-Prey Relationship between Oenopia sauzeti Mulsant (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) and Myzus persicae (Sulzer) (Hemiptera: Aphididae): a Demographic Approach
作者: 謝寶瑩
Hsieh, Bao-Ying
關鍵字: 生命表
Life table
桃蚜(Myzus persicae (Sulzer))
黃緣巧瓢蟲(Oenopia sauzeti Mulsant)
predation rate
Myzus persicae (Sulzer)
Oenopia sauzeti Mulsant
出版社: 昆蟲學系所
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摘要: 本論文在溫室內研究桃蚜在其寄主植物-初秋甘藍上之生命表,試驗期間(2011年一月至三月)溫室中之平均溫度及溼度為17.3 oC 和78% RH。黃緣巧瓢蟲生命表實驗以及捕食桃蚜之捕食率實驗則是在定溫箱內完成,定溫箱溫度平均為25±1oC,平均相對溼度為78±10% RH,光週期為12:12小時。為了仔細考慮個體間發玉速率之差異與雌雄差異,原始數據利用兩性生命表理論分析。在溫室內桃蚜生命表之內在增殖率為0.2278 d-1。黃緣巧瓢蟲的內在增殖率為0.1431 d-1,終極增殖率為1.1538 d-1,淨增殖率為378.1子代/雌蟲,平均世代時間為41.5 天,總繁殖率為422.4子代。黃緣巧瓢蟲之幼蟲期、雌成蟲與雄成蟲之平均捕食量為308.7±6.6, 2642.7±147.7 和3090.1±79.6隻桃蚜,淨捕食率為每隻黃緣巧瓢蟲捕食3127.9隻桃蚜。
The life table of Myzus persicae (Sulzer) reared on Brassica oleracea L. was studied under the greenhouse condition, and the average temperature and humidity during the study were 17.3 ± 1 oC and 78 ± 10% RH from 2011 January to March. The study of life table and predation rate of Oenopia sauzeti Mulsant fed on M. persicae were conducted in a growth chamber at 25oC, 65% RH, and a photoperiod of 12:12 (L:D) h. The raw data were analyzed based on the age-stage, two-sex life table to take both sexes and the variable developmental rate among individuals into consideration. The intrinsic rate of increase (r) for M. persicae was 0.2278 d-1 in the greenhouse. For O. sauzeti, the intrinsic rate of increase (r) , finite rate of increase (λ), net reproduction rate (R0), mean generation time (T), and gross reproduction rate (GRR) were 0.1431 d-1, 1.1538 d-1, 378.1 offspring, 41.5 d, and 422.4 offspring, respectively. The mean consumption rate of O. sauzeti for larval stage, female adult, and male adult were 308.7 ± 6.6, 2642.7 ±147.7, and 3090.1 ±79.6 aphids, respectively. The net predation rate (C0) was 3127.9 aphids per individual of O. sauzeti.
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