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標題: Comparison of Two Different Screening Methods for the KRAS Mutation in Colorectal Cancer
作者: Er, T.K.
Chang, Y.S.
Yeh, K.T.
Chang, T.J.
Chang, J.G.
關鍵字: resolution melting analysis
k-ras mutations
taiwanese patients
point mutations
codons 12
期刊/報告no:: Clinical Laboratory, Volume 56, Issue 5-6, Page(s) 175-186.
摘要: Background: To compare high resolution melting (HRM) and primer extension (PE) for mutation screening of KRAS codons 12 and 13. Methods: DNA samples were isolated from 60 colorectal cancer (CRC) patients. HRM and primer extension analyses were used for mutation screening of KRAS codons 12 and 13. Results: Both methods can detect KRAS mutations in a DNA mixture containing as little as 5% mutant DNA. The concordant rate between the two methods was 100 %. HRM analysis is able to distinguish mutant from wild type, however, it is unable to detect the actual base change. PE analysis needs more procedures, is time-consuming and slightly more expensive but it is able to detect the precise mutation. Conclusions: This study showed that FIRM is a reliable screening method to identify mutations in the KRAS gene, and the PE can be used as a diagnostic method to accurately pinpoint the nature of mutations. (Clin. Lab. 2010;56:175-186)
ISSN: 1433-6510
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