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標題: 九份二山崩塌地土壤水份特性之研究
A Study of Soil Water Characteristics on Chiu-fen-er-shan Landsliding Area
作者: 林明義
Lin, Ming-Yi
關鍵字: Chiu-fen-er-shan
water characteristic curve
unsaturated hydraulic conductivity
出版社: 水土保持學系
摘要: 本研究量測九份二山地區土壤水份特性,研究結果指出,九份二山土壤含砂質壤土、砂質黏壤土及黏土等,不同質地土壤呈現不同的水份特性。九份二山土壤屬砂質壤土部份,排水曲線下降較為快速;黏土部份,排水曲線較為和緩;砂質黏壤土則介於兩著之間。由實驗數據,引用Van Genuchten 水份特性推估方程式,決定不同質地土壤水份特性方程式之參數,不同土樣之水份特性曲線方程式如下列所示: 土樣一 θ(h) = 0.03483+0.46617/[1+(αh)1.15]0.1304 土樣二 θ(h) = 0.03484+0.39116/[1+(αh)1.45]0.3103 土樣三 θ(h) = 0.03151+0.38349/[1+(αh)1.15]0.1304 土樣四 θ(h) = 0.03168+0.36432/[1+(αh)1.15]0.1304 土樣五 θ(h) = 0.03336+0.39764/[1+(αh)1.55]0.3548 土樣六 θ(h) = 0.03388+0.41712/[1+(αh)1.40]0.2857 土樣七 θ(h) = 0.02451+0.40449/[1+(αh)1.50]0.3333 本研究亦引用Mualem理論,推估不飽和土壤水力傳導度。
The objective of this research is to study the soil water characteristics on Chiu-fen-er-shan landslidung area. The soil texture on the experimental field includes sandy loam, sand clay loam, and clay. The water retention curves of different soil texture were determined by measured water content and water potential .The model suggested by Van Genuchten was applied to express the water characteristics of these soils. The parameters of this model of different soil texture were determined with the experimental data by curve fitting technology. The equations of water characteristic curves of different soil samples are as following: Sample 1. θ(h) = 0.03483+0.46617/[1+(αh)1.15]0.1304 Sample 2. θ(h) = 0.03484+0.39116/[1+(αh)1.45]0.3103 Sample 3. θ(h) = 0.03151+0.38349/[1+(αh)1.15]0.1304 Sample 4. θ(h) = 0.03168+0.36432/[1+(αh)1.15]0.1304 Sample 5. θ(h) = 0.03336+0.39764/[1+(αh)1.55]0.3548 Sample 6. θ(h) = 0.03388+0.41712/[1+(αh)1.40]0.2857 Sample 7. θ(h) = 0.02451+0.40449/[1+(αh)1.50]0.3333 The theory developed by Mualem was used to predict the unsaturated hydraulic conductivity.
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