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標題: Extraction and Purification of Isoflavones from Defatted Soybean Flakes by Using Pressurized Fluids
作者: 鄭雅娟
Cheng, Ya-Chuan
關鍵字: 超臨界二氧化碳
supercritical extraction
pressurized water
出版社: 化學工程學系
摘要: This study investigated the effect of extraction conditions on the amount of five isoflavones from defatted soybean flakes (DSF) by using supercritical carbon dioxide extraction (SC-CO2) and pressurized water extraction (PWE), respectively. SC-CO2 extraction conditions were from 2500psig to 4500psig and 313 K to 333 K. PWE extraction conditions were from 300psig to 2200psig and 365 K to 473 K. A RP-HPLC system coupled with an UV detector were utilized to quantify five isoflavones in the extracts. The original content of five isoflavones in DSF powder is 11392μg/g DSF that equals to 1.1 wet%. Furthermore, three adsorbent resins of Amberlite XAD2, XAD7-HP, XAD16-HP were individually used to purify the isoflavones from the extracts. SC-CO2 extraction at 4500psig, 323 K and 5mL/min of preloaded 50g EtOH with 50g DSF powder produced 423μg/g DSF isoflavones. PWE extraction of same feed to solvent ratio DSF powder at 2200psig, 373 K, and 4hr produced 8075μg/g DSF isoflavones, which is equivalent to 70.9% of that by using 80%MeOH Soxhlet extraction. Our experimental results further showed that Amberlite XAD16-HP had the best desorption efficiency (68.3%), when 50%MeOH desorbed solvent was used. The purity of five isoflavones in crystal form was 47.38%.
本研究探討超臨界二氧化碳(SC-CO2)及壓力水(PW)萃取脫油大豆粉(DSF)中所含五種大豆異黃酮素的可行性。超臨界二氧化碳配合三種比例之有機共溶劑的預添加,其實驗條件為2500psig~4500psig及313 K~333 K。壓力水的實驗條件為300psig~2200psig及365 K~473 K。並以高效能液相層析儀定量萃出液內總異黃酮的含量。最後使用Amberlite (XAD2、XAD7-HP及XAD6-HP)吸附樹脂,對粗萃液中異黃酮進行分離和純化的探討。DSF粉之總異黃酮含量為11392μg/g DSF,即等於含1.1%總異黃酮。研究結果顯示,超臨界二氧化碳預添加95%EtOH(Wg DSF/ Wg solvent=1/1),和4500psig、323 K及5mL/min之萃出液的總異黃酮為423μg/g DSF。壓力水在373 K及2200psig時萃取4小時,總異黃酮的萃出量即可達8075μg/g DSF,約等於80%MeOH索氏萃取12小時的70.9%。以乙醇提取的萃出液並經50%MeOH沖提脫附條件下,三種吸附樹脂中,以XAD16-HP呈現較佳的68.3%總異黃酮脫附率及產生含總異黃酮純度47.38%的結晶物。
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