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標題: Study on the Drought Stress and Root Strength Characteristics of Thorny Bambo in Mudstone Area,Southwest Taiwan
作者: 高齊治
Ko, Chu-Chi
關鍵字: Mudstone
Root Strength
Thorny Bamboo
出版社: 水土保持學系
摘要: 中文摘要 台灣地區竹類資源相當豐富 , 其中刺 竹主要栽植於中、南部地區,為西南部泥岩地區最主要造林樹種 , 約為該 地區造林面積 80%,唯目前竹材之應用價格低落 ,竹林之經營管理減少 或已漸成荒廢造成泥岩地區刺竹林存廢問題之研擬漸受重視。本研究為探 討刺竹增加坡面安定係數及其對特殊立地之適應特性 ,特進行根系與根域 範圍調查、根段拉力與植株拉拔試驗以及植物生理反應變化測定等,推估 刺竹坡面保育功效與其他推廣造林樹種差異 。研究結果摘錄如下: 1.依據各供試植物斷水處理試驗結果 , 各植物光合成率趨近於零時 土 壤含水量刺竹含水量約為5.36%、鐵刀木為9.1%、大葉桃花心 木 為11.18% 及光臘樹為12.18% ,耐旱能力依次為刺竹(最耐旱) , 鐵刀木, 桃花心木,光臘樹等。 2.刺竹根系的分布隨著地下莖呈近似長方體向外 擴充 ,竹稈最大胸 高直徑與其根域範圍迴歸式之計算式如下: 2.4cm<D<10.39 R:為根域範圍(cm2) D:為刺竹最大竹稈胸高直 徑(cm) 3.刺竹之根段拉力強度與其直徑呈指數正相關,其計算式如下: 0.3mm<X<3.1mm Y:為根段拉力強度(kg) X:為根斷直徑(mm) 4.供試植物之引拔抗力與其胸高直徑成指數正相關,其計算式如下: 刺竹 F=79.599D1.934 r=0.966*** 2.4≦D≦4.47 鐵刀木 F=48.183D1.914 r=0.94** 1.37≦D≦5.74 摩鹿加合歡 F=83.596D1.532 r=0.971* 3.63≦D≦5.21 大葉桃花心木 F=6.56D2.741 r=0.711 N.S. 3.96≦D≦6.09 赤桉 F=276.72D0.902 r=0.584 N.S. 1.46≦D≦4.24 F:為引拔最大抵抗力(kg) D:為胸高直徑(cm) 其中刺竹與樹木樹 齡測定方式不同 ,以竹稈最大胸高直徑表示 。 5.依有樹木無滲 流無限邊坡坡面安定推導之公式分析結果, 提供安 定係數增加量, 固定其坡面角度21°:刺竹約為16.324,赤桉約 為10.163,摩鹿加 合歡約為8.06,鐵刀木約為7.556,大葉桃花心 木約為5.005,其大 小順序刺竹>赤桉>摩鹿加合歡>鐵刀木>大葉桃 花心木,刺竹提供坡面 安定係數約為摩鹿加合歡或鐵刀木之二倍 , 約為大葉桃花心木之三 倍 , 刺竹於初期植生根力強度大於其他造 林樹種。
ABSTRACT There are many bamboo species that were island wide , and in south-western mudstone area in Taiwan . But now , distribution is extensive . Thorny bamboo distributes in central section and sounth largely and it occupies eighty percent of the measure of afforestation area in mudstone in sounthwest . Paying no much attention to enaluation about wether rapidly , and less management of bamboo forest , to remain in good condition of Bamboo forest or not . The prices of bamboo material was decrease .For study researches root strength , root distributing and the characteristics of physiology and site quality . Besides , compare bamboo with kinds of popular afforestation tree about investigating root distribution , root zone range , root strength , pulling strength and changes of physiology to infer root strength of Thorny bamboo and afforestation trees , increase slope stability analysiscoefficient and the physiological response to drought and blooding . Theresults of study summarizes as follows:1.Tested plants during water withholding process: Net photosynthetic rate of the soil moisture limits to zero of Thorng bamboo is 5.36% , Siamese senna is 9.1% ,Honduras mahogany is 11.48% and Formosan ash is 12.18% . Besides , net photosynthetic rate of Thorng bamboo is 2.4  mol m-2 s-1 during no measuring . This number tends to zero which needs several days . That is to say turns of drought- enduring ability are Thorng bamboo(droughtiest) , Siamese senna , Honduras mahogany, Formosan ash . 2.Thorny bamboo root distribution follows underground stem to extend outside and similar to rectangle . The regression equation between bamboo stem maximal Breast-height diameter and root zone range can infer Breast -height diameter . The regression equations are shown as follows : R=178.937 D2.775 r=0.976*** R:root zone range (cm2) D:Thorng bamboo maximal Breast - height diameter(cm) 3.Thorng bamboo root strength is proportional to its diameter exponentially . The regression equations can infer the root strength of different root diameter . And the equations are shown as follows: Y=2.7741X1.515 r=0.626*** 0.3mm<X<3.1mm Y:root strength (kg) X:root diameter(mm) 4.The pulling resistance of tree individual is related exponentially to their D.B.H could be enaluated . The equations are shown as follows: Thorng bamboo F=79.599 D1.515 r=0.966*** 2.4≦D≦4.47 Siamese senna F=48.183D1.914 r=0.94** 1.37≦D≦5.74 Falcate-leaved albizzia F=83.596D1.532 r=0.971* 3.63≦D≦5.21 Honduras mahogany F=6.56D2.741 r=0.711N.S. 3.96≦D≦6.09 Murray red gum F=276.72D0.902 r=0.0.584 N.S. 1.46≦D≦4.24 5.According to the analyisic under the condition of unlimited slope with trees and no seepage flow supply the slope stability coefficient of different tree: Thorny bamboo > Murray red gum> Falcate-leaved albizzia> Siamese senna> Honduras mahogany . Stability coefficient of Thorng bamboo is double of stability coefficient of Falcate-leaved albizzia and Siamese senna approximately . Stability coefficient of Thorng bamboo is three times of Honduras mahogany . And the above-mentioned means that Thorng bamboo root strength is larger than afforestation trees in initial growing days .
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