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標題: 臺灣大規模稻作農家經營法人化需求之研究
A Study on Needs of Incorporation for Large-Scale Rice-Growing Farm Families in Taiwan
作者: 蔡耀中
Tsai, Yaw-Chung
關鍵字: larage-scale rice growing farm families
Japanese agriculture production legal person
出版社: 農業推廣教育研究所
摘要: 本研究主要的目的為(1)探討台灣大規模稻作農家實施日本農業經營 法人化之潛在需求﹔(2)尋找影響大規模稻作農家經營法人化需求之因素 。利用257名大規模稻作農家為研究對象,以訪問方式,共獲得有效問 卷185份。整體而言,大規模稻作農家對稻作經營法人化具有強烈之潛在 需求,同時偏好的法人類型為傾向具有地緣、地域關係的「組織法人」。 從逐步迴歸分析中發現,影響大規模稻作農家經營法人化需求之因素有經 營困難的感受程度、組織化需求、成就動機、組織參與程度、沒有地緣或 血緣關係的組合等五個變項。經營困難的感受程度、組織化需求、成就動 機、組織參與程度等影響為正,沒有地緣或血緣關係的組合之影響為負, 此外影響最大的變項是經營困難的感受程度。從路徑分析中發現,教育程 度、成就動機、從農年數、經營困難感受程度、每年務農日數、農家經營 能力、組織參與程度等會透過企業化程度及合作化意願影響組織化需求, 進而影響大規模稻作農家經營法人化之需求。
The purpose of this research is (1)to investigate the "need" and "objectives" of large-scale rice-growing farm families to perform the Japanese agriculture production legal person﹔(2)to find the factors which affect the "need" and "objectives". Two hundred and twenty-seven large-scale rice-growing farm families were investigated and 185 questionnaires were effectively obtained. In general , large-scale rice-growing farm families have a strong need to incorporate .At the same time ,the favored type of incorporation is like the geographically positional "organized incorporation". From the stepwise regression analysis , five factors which significantly affected the needs of rice production incorporation. These factors include the degree of managerial problems ,the needs of the organization ,the achievement ,the degree of formal organization and no geographical and blood relation of the combination . Four variables including degrees of managerial problems ,the needs of organization ,the achievement ,the degrees of formal organization are defined as positive , and two variable , no geographical and blood relations are defined as negative. Factors among these variables the degree of managerial problems has greater effect on dependent variable than the others. From the path analysis ,the education ﹐the achievement ,the time (working in farming) , the degree of managerial problems , days working on farm per year ,the ability of farm management ,the degree of formal organization…etc. are factors which would affect the need of organization through the degree of enterprising farming and the objectives of cooperation. Furthermore ,these factors also affect the "need" and "objectives" of large-scale rice-growing farm families to practice the production legal person.
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