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標題: 以覆蓋指標探討重劃農地生態功能之研究-以雲林縣四湖南重劃區為例
Application of Cover Indices on the Effectiveness of Ecological Function at the Farmland Readjustment Area-A Case Study of the Si-Hu-Nan Readjustment Area
作者: 施傳旺
出版社: 水土保持學系
摘要: Farmland readjustment work has been initiated in Taiwan since 1958, and is a measure for reorganizing the mosaic farmlands to create more convenient tillage facility. In early periods, large numbers of concrete materials were applied at the sites of farmland due to the safety consideration. Nowadays, a trend to treasure our environment and to have the concepts of emphasis on the use of ecological engineering materials is roaring. There is an urgent need to establish high quality environment of farmland for the habitat rehabilitation of wild animals. Two essential elements of farmland environment are plant and water. Those also establish the landscape ecology structure of farmland and provide an effective function in biodiversity for the system. This study is to analyze the process of farmland readjustment and to evaluate the effects of the coverage rate change for green and/or water after the farmland readjustment. Besides, the feasibility and controversy of applied the ecological engineering methods in the sites of farmland readjustment are also discussed in this study. The results show non-concrete drainage with flat slope revetment having higher green and/or water coverage rate can improve the ecological function of farmland readjustment.
台灣地區自民國四十七年起開始推動農地重劃,農地重劃是將一區域內不符合經濟效益的農地,加以重新規劃整理建立標準坵塊,並配置農路、灌溉、排水渠道等公共設施。早期配合之工程設施均強調交通運輸、灌溉及排水功能,隨著重劃工程技術進步,為考量結構體材質之耐久性與安全性,混凝土資材已大量應用於農地重劃工程上。近年來,生態環境維護及保育逐漸受到重視,規劃設計者及農民感受應維持農田自然景觀生態、土地永續利用,建構優質的農地生態環境,以挽救逐漸消失之野生動植物棲息與繁衍的場所,期於21世紀農地重劃工作,營造出人與自然共存及永續經營的舒適基地。 水與綠是構成農地環境的主要基本元素,其所建構的土地紋理,也決定了農地之景觀生態結構。農地重劃若能透過水網與綠帶之良好串聯,能強化農地生態系之聯結,將有助於農地生態系物種之多樣性。 本研究係對台灣地區農地重劃之發展過程予以探討,分析農地重劃後「水與綠覆蓋率」之改變,對生態功能之影響,並探討生態工法應用於農地重劃之可行性與困難度,以作為維護農地永續發展之參考。研究結果顯示,農田排水路以土渠及未封底緩坡護岸排水路有較佳之水與綠覆蓋率,能提升重劃農地生態功能。
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