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標題: ZnO nanoparticle-modified infrared internal reflection elements for selective detection of volatile organic compounds
作者: Huang, G.G.
Wang, C.T.
Tang, H.T.
Huang, Y.S.
Yang, J.
摘要: In this study, we integrated zinc oxide nanomaterials, which possess a high surface-to-volume ratio and take part in specific interactions with organic functional groups, into infrared sensing devices to improve both the sensitivity and selectivity of the detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). An annealing method was developed to modify ZnO nanoparticles directly onto the surface of an IR internal reflection element. The ZnO nanoparticles produced this way are spherical (diameters, similar to 20 nm). When this modified sensing element was used to detect VOCs, intense IR signals for compounds bearing polar functional groups were observed. The conditions for preparing the ZnO nanoparticles for IR sensing of VOCs were optimized by varying such factors as the volume of the coating zinc solution, the calcination temperature, and calcination time. After mapping the IR signals obtained with respect to these factors, the optimal IR signal from this modified IR sensing element occurred when using 100 mu L of zinc solution and performing the calcination at 400 T for at least 30 min. VOCs having different functional groups were used to characterize the behavior of the ZnO-modified sensing element; our results indicate that the selectivity of this device favors polar compounds. Based on detection of several polar VOCs, the results indicate that quantitative analysis is possible when using the ZnO nanoparticle-modified sensor; in some cases, the detection limit was below an injected sample volume of 0.5 nL (similar to 2.2 ppm), with a linear regression coefficient (R-2) above 0.99 when up to 0.3 mu L of sample (similar to 1400 ppm) was injected to a 100 mL of sample cell.
ISSN: 0003-2700
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