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標題: Study on Urea-Biuret Based Water-dispersible Polyisocyanates
作者: 陳慶鴻
Chen, Chinghung -
關鍵字: isocyanate
waterborne polyurethanes

出版社: 化學工程學系
摘要: Water dispersible polyisocyanates (WDPI), or so called “hardeners”, can be used for enhancing physical properties of waterborne polyurethanes(WBPU) through crosslinking and structural interactions. The object of this research has attempted to correlate the composition variations in WDPI with the adhesive performances of WBPU. This research has synthesized a number of urea and biuret types WDPIs by reacting low percentages of commercially available, highly ethoxylated polyether mono- and di-amines (Jeffamine) with 1,6-hexamethylene diisocyanate trimer (HDI Trimer). The new urea and biuret derivatives synthesized were then added to WBPU to test their adhesive performances. We have found that low viscosity biuret-based WDPI are particularly effective in enhancing the green strength of WBPU in adhesive testings. In yet another research, a few percent of completely defoliated Montmorillonite have been added to WBPU and investigated the possible enhancement of WBPU's physical properties. Except for slight changes in elevation in modulus of the resulting nanocomposite, there were no great enhancement of mechanical properties found. It seems that the defoliated Montmorillonite has not being stabilized in the WBPU solution. More formulation change in WBPU seems needed in this effort.
水分散型多元異氰酸鹽中的高活性異氰酸鹽官能基,能和任何帶有活性氫的結構反應。因此應用在水性樹酯的交聯時,可以大幅提昇機械性質、耐熱性質及接著性質,尤其是水性聚胺酯接著劑。瞭解水分散型多元異氰酸鹽的化學設計與結構間的關係是本研究的主要目標。 本研究中藉由添加少量的聚乙烯醚一元胺與二元胺和1,6-己二異氰酸鹽三聚體反應合成一系列的脲素與縮二脲水分散型多元異氰酸鹽。將此合成的脲素與縮二脲水分散型多元異氰酸鹽添加3%至水性聚胺酯,以接著拉力及接著後耐熱拉力作為應用測試。測試結果發現,縮二脲水分散型多元異氰酸鹽應用在水性聚胺酯的接著拉力測試時,在高分子機械強度上有明顯的增強,尤其在初期強度有明顯之提升。 在另一個研究中藉由摻混少量的分散型蒙脫土至水性聚胺酯,以拉伸測試作為應用測試。測試結果發現,除了平均模數有稍微增強外,在水性聚胺酯的機械性質上並無明顯提升。這似乎表示分散型蒙脫土並非以穩定狀態存在於水性聚胺酯溶液中。若想要提升摻混分散型蒙脫土之水性聚胺酯的機械性質,就必須從水性聚胺酯的合成配方上再進一步著手。
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