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標題: A General Rhodium-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reaction of Thiols with Aryl Iodides
作者: Lai, Chih-Shin
Kao, Hsin-Lun
Wang, Yan-Jhang
Lee, Chin-Fa
關鍵字: Rhodium Cross-coupling
Aryl Iodide
摘要: The general procedure for the rhodium-catalyzed cross-coupling of thiols with aryl iodides is described. The catalytic system consists of 5 mol % of [RhCl(cod)]2 and 10 mol % of PPh3 as a ligand. A variety of aryl iodides reacted with thiols, giving aryl thioethers in good to excellent yields. It is important to note that the deactivated aryl iodides such as 4-iodoanisole is worked smoothly to provide the corresponding aryl thioethers in excellent yields. Functional groups such as free-amines, chloro, bromo and heteroatom-containing heterocycles are all tolerated under the employed reaction conditions.
ISSN: 0040-4039
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