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標題: Investigation of the Effect of Protective Colloids upon the Properties of Ethylcellulose Microcapsules.
作者: 王富亞
Fu-Ya, Wang.
關鍵字: 乙基纖維素
Protective Colloids
Vitamin K3
出版社: 化學工程學系
摘要: Preparation of ethylcellulose microcapsules containing theophylline and vitamin K3 was performed by simple non-solvent addition and emulsion non-solvent addition methods in the presence of polybutadiene or polyisobutylene as a protective colloid. The effects of the protective colloid upon the properties of microcapsules with respect to the size distribution, drug content, ethylcellulose loss, and porosity were characterized. The results of microcapsules containing theophylline indicate that, in the presence of an appropriate amount of the protective colloid, the extent of aggregation was reduced and the surface became smoother and less porous. Mononucleated microcapsules were obtained by the emulsion non-solvent addition method in the presence of polybutylene. Owing to the occurrence of aggregation, the theophylline release from microcapsules appeared to follow the diffusion-controlled matrix model; the release rate being dependent upon the extent of aggregation and the porosity of microcapsules. Mircoencapsulation of vitamin K3, a novel antitumor drug, was performed by emulsion non-solvent addition method in the presence of polyisobutylene as a protective colloid. The results showed that the release rates of ethylcellulose microcapsules containing vitamin K3 were slower than those obtained from the ethylcellulose microcapsules prepared without any protective colloid. The extent of aggregation was reduced and individually film-coated core particles formed. However, they were accompanied by formation of small empty coacervate droplets, as detected by microscopic observation.
在本研究中,我們利用各種非溶劑添加法製備含有茶葉鹼與維他命K3的乙基纖維素微膠粒。並探討添加保護性膠體對微包覆的性質影響。含茶葉鹼的乙基纖維素微膠粒顯示添加適量的保護性膠體可減少微包覆聚集情形,並使得微包覆表面較為緊密與平滑。在保護性膠體的存在下,利用非溶劑添加之乳化法較利於製備單核(mononucleated)的乙基纖維素微包覆。因微包覆的聚集現象,茶葉鹼的釋放行為乃遵循釋放控制中的基質擴散模式,其釋放速率的快慢則視微包覆的聚集程度與孔隙度而定。 維他命K3是屬於氧化危害機制的新穎抗癌藥物,利用微包覆將維他命K3作為口服投藥路徑是一種新的嘗試,希望能夠減少藥物在傳遞時的破壞。結果發現利用非溶劑添加之乳化法並以polyisobutylene作為保護性膠體時,可以減少結塊現象的產生並明顯延遲了維他命K3的釋放速率,微膠粒的粒徑也略微減小。至於藥物含量的改變並不如預期中的明顯。值得注意的是雖然可以得到表面較為平滑細緻的微膠粒,但高濃度的保護性膠體易造成微包覆過程時殼質乙基纖維素的損失。
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