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標題: 水稻聯合收穫機輔助去濕機構之開發與研究
Development of an Auxiliary Equipment in Rice Combine to Harvest Dewy Crops.
作者: 鄭安邦
關鍵字: rice combine
出版社: 農業機械工程學系
摘要: 本研究開發一套水稻聯合收穫機輔助去濕裝置,用以去除田間水稻植株上的露水,使水稻聯合收穫機能在露水濕重的早晨順利執行收穫與脫榖作業。該去濕裝置包括鼓風機與通風管。鼓風機產生的高速氣流由通風管末端吹向田間水稻植株,使之產生擾動,俾將水稻植株上附著的部份露水滴落,已造成適合水稻聯合收穫機的作業環境。試驗結果顯示,裝有輔助去濕機構的水稻聯合收穫機可在濕重的晨露中平順的收穫水稻,其高速氣流並不會造成稻粒的脫落及損失。 裝有輔助去濕機構的水稻聯合收穫機因此每天可至少增加一公頃的收穫作業面積,使農民收益更有保障,代耕中心因此每天可多增加新台幣一萬元的收入。
An auxiliary equipment which may remove water from the dewy stems, leaves or grains of rice in paddy field was developed and installed to rice combine to enhance the harvesting performance of rice combine. This apparatus consisted of blowers and pipelines. Compressed air generated by blowers was released from pipeline terminals to disturb rice grains before harvesting so that the dew adhering to the crops was reduced by air flow. Experimental results showed that a rice combine installed by this equipment operated smoothly and harvested wet rice successfully in the heavy dew environment without exceeding grain loss. Because of this equipment, the combined harvest machine could gather at least one more hectare a day, and the farmers decreased the lost. The harvest-aid agents therefore increased the income about $10,000 NT a day.
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