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標題: Analysis on the Dilution Ratio of Fresh Milk using AC Impedance
作者: 升, 白 揚
Pai, Yang-sheng
關鍵字: milk adulteration
ac impedance
statistics regression analysis
出版社: 生物產業機電工程學系所
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摘要: 牛乳與乳製品為人類成長中不可獲缺的營養補給品,從古至今亦是。然而受限於每頭牛隻乳量之限制,且季節變化、飼養方式、食用之飼養料的不同、環境溫度過高等,導致牛乳一年四季之產量或多或少,其中夏季為四季之中乳產量最低之季。故在這種因素之下不僅僅在台灣,國外報告也指出近年來牛乳攙水的比例日趨嚴重,這不僅影響牛乳的品質也危害到消費者之權利。利用電學交流阻抗原理分析於不同比例牛乳的關係為目前檢測牛乳純度方法之一;亦是本次實驗所應用的方法。結果顯示在頻率42Hz~1MHz不同溫度下量測時,確實會影響實驗結果,所以實驗必須有效控制溫度。在頻率42Hz~1MHz,溫度控制8℃時分析不同濃度含水比例之牛乳,利用統計迴歸分析技術探討電導對頻率、電納對頻率與電納對電導之關係,求出三種關係之預測方程式,再利用驗證方法找出最佳預測迴歸模式來作為之後預測牛乳比例方程式為本次實驗研究之課題。
Milk and dairy products has become the nutrition for the human being from ancient until now. However, some factors affecting the quantity of each cow, such as the seasonal variation, the raising technique, the difference of nourishment, the environment hyperpyrexia and others. The quanity of milk production are varied throughout the year. The output reduced in summer for the four seasons. Therefore, the reports of the mixing water with milk were serious in Taiwan and other countries. Recently, the mixing cases became serious. This result, not only affected milk quality but also harmed the right of the consumer. The one of purity detecting methods using the electricity alternating-current impedance principle analysis to check the proportion milk relations has been reported. This method has been adopted in this experiment. The results demonstrated that frequency within 1MHz~42Hz and different temperature can affect the experimental result. Therefore, the experiment must be executed at controlling temperature. When frequency maintained within 1MHz~42Hz, and the temperature control at 8℃, this sample was analyzes of the different density to contain water the proportion milk. The regression analysis technology was applied to find the relationship between electric conductance and the frequency. Three predictive equations for three kinds of relationships are adopted to discover the optimum prediction pattern.
其他識別: U0005-1708200714341300
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