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標題: 自走車彎曲路徑導航之研究
Study on Autonomous Guiding Model Of Curve Paths for an Automatic Vehicle
作者: 張文傑
Chang, Wen-Chieh
關鍵字: Autonomous vehicle
turning mode
出版社: 生物產業機電工程學系所
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摘要: 本研究著重於自走車的路徑規劃及建置有效的轉彎行走模式,依據感測器所得到的資料來規劃出由起點到目的地的路徑並避開障礙物。在此發展的彎曲模式是以預設路徑中前2點座標及自走車車體座標共3點,運算出自走車該轉向半徑及角度,進行行走軌跡修正。 將發展的定軌跡與轉彎系統,先以電腦模擬其運走的準確性。由模擬實驗結果得知,本研究採用向量修正法,可有效地控制其直行與超過3m轉彎半徑的行走,若小於3m的轉彎半徑,則發展的轉彎系統能有效的降低自走車在彎曲路徑上的誤差,並且找出最佳參數轉向限制角度20度及前七點最小平方差和750,可改善在向量修正法在彎曲路徑上所造成的誤差,改善幅度最高達55.4%。
Two main objectives of this study are to plan the pre-designated route and develop a turning model along the route. The autonomous vehicle will plan and draw a pre-designated route by its travel system from the starting point to destination according the collected data during the man-driven test. The developed route can drive by pass the obstacles safely. The developed the turning moving model can compute the turning radium and angel according to the previous two positions and the present vehicle position. The computed values are used to control the vehicle motion. A program has been written to simulate the performance of developed functions of route design and turning movement. The simulated results are used to verify its controlled accuracy of motion. The simulated results show the developed vector guiding system can effectively control the vehicle to travel in a straight line or move with a turning radium which is bigger than 3m. If the turning radium is less than 3m, then the developed turning control system can obviously reduce the deviation between the vehicle and pre-designated route. The best control parameters are the restricted turning angle of 20 and the at least square sum for deviation of 7 previous points to be 750. They can improve the performance of autonomous vehicle to travel along a pre-designated route aobut 55.4%.
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