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標題: 撞擊力在蔬果品質分析之研究
Impact Force Applied on Quality Analysis of Fruits and Vegetables
作者: 顏名賢
Yen, Min-Hsyan
關鍵字: Impact force
Quality measurement
出版社: 農業機械工程學系
摘要: Quality measurement and pre-sorting of vegetables and fruits before on market are important in post harvest processes of agricultural products. In this study, impact force is applied to study firmness of fruits and vegetables nondestructively, and then compared with firmness by compression tests. Test materials are cherry tomato, sour plum, grape fruit, chinese peach and plum. The proper impact parameters highly correlating to firmness of these vegetable and fruits are explored from their impact force-time curves both in time and frequency domain. From the study, the time domain parameters C1 (maximum impact force / time of maximum impact force), C2 (maximum impact force / square of time of maximum impact force), tp (time of maximum impact force), tc (impact time) and tp/tc (skew of impact force-time curve) have correlation with maturity of these fruits and vegetable. The sensitivity of each parameter reflecting ripeness change of fruits and vegetable are different.
蔬果在上市銷售前的品質檢驗與分級,為農產品收穫後處理的重要加工過 程。本研究利用撞擊方式,對蔬果進行非破壞性檢測並與壓縮試驗比對。 實驗材料有小蕃茄、梅子、葡萄、桃子、李子等。分別從撞擊力時間曲線 的時間域及頻率域探討與蔬果堅實度有關的撞擊參數。結果發現時間域參 數C1(最大撞擊力/最大撞擊力時間)、C2(最大撞擊力/最大撞擊力時間 平方)、tp(發生最大撞擊力的時間)、tc(撞擊時間)、tp/tc(撞擊曲線的 對稱性)等參數均與蔬果的成熟度有關。各撞擊參數對成熟度變化的靈敏 度,依蔬果種類而有不同。
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